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10 Haunted Halloween Activities

Are you addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes with being scared? Do you crave that thrill of not knowing what is around the next corner? As the days shorten and Halloween creeps around the corner, we have some suggestions for some positively frightening activities you can enjoy. From haunted corn mazes and trolley tours, to being chased through a graveyard full of your worst nightmares, and the killing of zombies, you are sure to find an activity that will get your skin crawling and heart racing.


  1. Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin Patch Spooky  Town Trail – Stingy Jack runs a mysterious pumpkin patch adventure in Pisgah forest. Wander in, pick up a pumpkin, and beware of wandering too far off the trail – you might wind up on the Spooky Trail and meet some of Stingy Jack’s rotten friends!
  2. Cold Mountain Corn Maze Haunted Edition – be prepared to run from masked figures wielding real chain saws! Get lost in the maze and beware of the spooky surprises within.
  3. Pinheads Graveyard – This half mile self guided trail of terror is not for the faint of heart. Pinhead is holding a family reunion in the woods, and you are not invited. Try not to be seen by the likes of Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Wicked Clowns, and others. The result won’t be pretty.
  4. Haunted Lazoom Tour – this adult only tour takes a haunted twist after dark. Get on the iconic purple Lazoom comedy bus and get ready to be regaled with stories of Asheville’s sketchy past – murders, deceit, scandal, and ghosts. event_18762250
  5. The Haunted Farm – Walk on this blood soaked stretch of land where Missy Mae eternally pines for her lost groom. A variety of attractions awaits you, including The Meatlocker, Missy Mae’s Shack, The Barn, and more. Enter if you dare.
  6. Asheville Ghost Trolley Tour – White Trolley Line brings you this haunting experience. A 60-90 minute tour via trolley takes you through Asheville. Learn about Asheville’s largest mass murder, why psychics call Asheville a ‘vortex’, the body in the Basilica of Saint Lawrence, and more. Fun for the whole family, but not for the faint of heart
  7. Haunted Pub Crawl – check out some of the most haunted taverns in town on this adult tour (sorry this excursion is 21 or older)
  8. Vampire & Occult Tour – This two hour tour is not your typical halloween special. Explore free mason conspiracy in the Asheville Masonic Temple, and raise questions about vampires, spirits, native america mysticism, and more.
  9. Asheville Ghost & Haunt Walking Tours – This is a classic walking tour that takes you downtown to teach about the many otherworldy events that take place in Asheville. Learn about the Grove Park’s Pink Lady ghost, the apparition that appears on Helen’s Bridge, and get a peek inside the Asheville Masonic Temple. This walking tour lasts 2 hours, so wear comfortable shoes.
  10. Little Dorm of Horrors – If you are brave enough to venture to the haunted village of Oconaluftee, in Cherokee, wander into the forest for the haunted activities happening there. Do you like games? Play the most frightening game of Hide N Seek in your life in a dorm filled with your worst nightmares. If found, tell your family to look for you in the morgue.


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