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10 Myths Related to Artists

Have you always been fond of artists? If yes, then you may have heard some terrible myths related to them. The worst is, you might trust a few of these things, which are nothing but misconceptions.

Life of an Artist

It doesn’t matter if a person is a musician or a painter, a writer or an actor, all that matters is that he is an artist and is doing all that he can to entertain you. You have to be thankful for all the artists that you see on the screen, listen to in your earphones or admire for their words. It is not an easy thing to accept your art as a profession.

Those who do it are quite courageous. Things may seem glamorous to you in the life of an artist, but there is no shortcut to success. When you magnify into the lives of artists, you notice how different they are than they seem on the screen or in their books. An artist’s life is not ordinary at all; he goes through storms to be where he has reached.

You may have met an artist who had no idea about the term paper formatting during his college days; he may have shared how he hired another writer to work on his project or assignment for him. When someone is working or has a boss on the head, it is not possible for him to focus on his education. This is exactly when people hire writers to work on their assignments so that they can focus on their work, which helps them earn their bread and butter. Also, if an artist is engrossed in his art and he still wants to continue with his education, he has to take the help of an expert writer because only he can work brilliantly on the assignments that are important to the artist, too.

Artists and myths related to them

If you haven’t spoken with a lot of artists, yet, you may have your very own perception of their life and lifestyle. You may have read about them in magazines or on the internet and have your very own judgment about how they are. However, the truth is that there are a lot of myths related to them and their life, out of which the most common ones are mentioned below:

All the artists are druggists and act or write or paint when they are high on drugs: Just because a few artists have been into drugs doesn’t mean that all the artists are into drugs. Some artists are high on life, instead of being high on drugs. Yes, a few artists may seem lost all the time, but that’s only because their brains are always churning creative thoughts. All the artists are millionaires: It is not necessary that all the artists are millionaires.

Some of the artists don’t even have their very own home in a good city. A few artists struggle all their life and get absolutely nothing in the end. Let’s not forget the existence of “posthumous” artists as well. All the artists have been supported by the “Illuminati” group: The Illuminati group may be the new mantra to be rich for a lot of artists around the globe, but it’s not that all the artists “sell their soul to the devil.” There are a few artists who are hardcore god believers and would do anything to stick to the path of righteousness.

All the artists have some or the other depression syndromes: This is one of the biggest myths related to artists; just because someone writes poems on depression or sings songs on loneliness doesn’t mean that they are sad or depressed or lonely! An artist is like a bird that can do anything that it wishes to. All the artists hate their life and thus, they are artists: We have heard a lot of people saying that most of the artists hate their life and have no respect for what they do; this is untrue. There are so many artists who are living a beautiful life with their partners and children.

They respect what they do. All the artists are insane and workaholic: No doubt some of the artists are married to their art and their passion would always remain their first love, but it doesn’t mean that all the artists are workaholic. An artist has to take a break to rejuvenate themselves, freshen up and get back to their field.

All the artists charge a bomb for their art: There are a few artists who ask you to pay a lot of money for their art, but the case is not same with everyone. There are a few painters who sell their paintings at affordable prices. The most surprising thing is that these paintings are original. All the artists are loners or are into unhappy relationships: We can show you a few artists who are extremely happy with their partners. In fact, they are married and are living wonderfully with their kids. They balance their work and personal lives beautifully. In fact, they are far happier than the ordinary crowd around the globe.

All the artists are roaming with broken hearts in their chests: We understand the importance of a broken heart; if your heart is broken, you can write some of the best sad songs ever. Also, you can paint by pouring the emotions from your broken heart. However, this doesn’t mean that all the artists have a broken heart. They know how to handle breakups just like you and me.

All the artists are living a rich and luxurious lifestyle: Some artists are so poor that it brings tears to our eyes. Some of the most talented hands have no money to buy even food for themselves. Their art is so beautiful that you fall in love with the divine things that they create.

The truth about artists is that they are:

  • Just like the ordinary crowd at times; they too get on the streets and do ordinary things
  • Not broken or depressed or sad all the time; they may get well into their art, but that doesn’t mean that they are living the characters they create or portray
  • Amazing people who are full of life; they wouldn’t let you get affected by their sadness, even when they are broken deep down inside
  • Know how to handle their personal life; they don’t always write or paint or portray on screen the things that they are going through in their personal life


It is not an easy thing to be an artist, especially with all those rumors and myths related to them. All we can say is that you should not fully believe everything that you see or read. You have to be sure about what you think. Unless you know an artist personally, don’t be judgmental about them. Learn about their life a little more before you trust what you read about them.

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