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10 Steps to Overcome Perfectionism and Write Your Essay

Forgive yourself weakness. When you approach the stairs, you are not trying to overcome the entire flight in one step? No, you gradually, step by step, climb upward. Why, when you reach your goals, do you want to get everything at once?


Shorten the list of things that should be “perfect.” Is it important to store all the magazines in your collection in the prescribed manner, or should all your books stand on a shelf perfectly evenly? Do these little things play such a big role in your life?


Allow others to be imperfect. To be a perfectionist in a relationship is to try to control other people, to demand certain behaviors and actions from them. But no one will like to be controlled or to act under duress, even if you “know better how to do it.” Remember that all people will remain as they are, no matter what you want them to be. Unique people make us not only our virtues, but also our human weaknesses, yes, our shortcomings, from which one cannot get anywhere.


Learn to see life in all its shades. Do you really think anything less than 100% is zero? A simplified “all-or-nothing” style of thinking is neither insightful, nor elegant, and clearly not the most accurate way to appreciate the diversity of life situations. Even the brightest and most successful people can sometimes do stupid things. Most things in our life can not be clearly evaluated. Learn to recognize that the situation in which you find yourself, or the thing you own, is good enough and just move on.


Treat life with a sense of humor. All dictatorial regimes hated humor. Under Hitler, for example, entertaining comics were strictly forbidden. My point is that humor is a great tool that allows us to go beyond rigid fixed points of view. And perfectionists very often simply do not see the funny side of things. Sense of humor allows you to change the perspective, to look at the world from a different angle, which is very important when things are not going according to plan. You should learn to optimism and humor from cheerful balanced people. As Oscar Wilde said: “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”


Let others help you. For example, if you are not sure how to handle something, and you get stuck, because you really want it to be done at the highest level of quality, it is good to look for someone who can assist you. If you need someone to write a paper for you you can get it written by professional essay writers and stay out of trouble with a missed deadline. Let people help you, it is not forbidden or shameful.


Remember that a mistake is not a catastrophe. Well, at least not always. Be bold and admit that mistakes happen to everyone, and no one is immune from them. Making mistakes means never being able to truly learn and grow. In some contexts, mistakes can even be encouraged so that we can develop faster after them (in my experience, this was the case when learning music). The only place to be afraid of mistakes is the work on which people’s lives depend. Everything else is not so scary.


Do not use perfectionism as a reason to postpone matters. Since making mistakes is not a mortal sin (in fact, some ancient cultures believed that perfection is a sin, because it displays arrogance and a kind of challenge to the gods), do not be afraid of mistakes and do not use the thought that you will not be able to achieve perfection as an excuse for not starting to do something.


Giving up is not an option! If you miss one pitch in a game of tennis, does this one mistake mean you are a complete loser? It is as stupid as if someone did a single good deed, and you would declare it holy. Psychologists call this “globalization in thinking,” and this is one of the signs of intolerance. People with low self-esteem, for example, are intolerant of themselves, and this slowly poisons them every day. Do you really not love yourself that you can not forgive yourself such trifles!