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3 Functional Design Projects that Make Sense

Many DIY projects focus on changing the look of your home, but what about its functionality? Spend your energy on updates that are fun and easy while still making a big impact. Infuse your home with practical touches using these three functional design and decor projects that make sense.

Rearrange the Furniture

Where you place furniture in a room defines its practicality. Instantly set the tone for how serviceable your room is just by moving pieces around. Start with the living room, and devise a plan that makes this popular hangout cozy and functional.

When arranging furniture, don’t crowd. Leave plenty of room to move about — at least 30 inches between big items and up to 18 inches between seating and accent tables. Install recessed outlets, so your furniture fits snugly against the wall, adding a few more inches to the space.

Face seats toward one another to encourage conversation. You can also orient sofas and chairs to take advantage of a glorious view — whether it’s through a patio door or the TV. Plan to position the couch 6 or 8 feet from the TV, and at 30 degrees for the best viewing angle.

Install a Geothermal Heat Pump

Let’s face it, Fayetteville is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. With temperatures dropping into the 30s and rising to over 90 degrees, a top functional design project that makes sense is updating your HVAC system.

North Carolina offers some pretty ideal conditions for taking advantage of a geothermal heat pump. This system delivers many benefits, and homeowners will see improvement in both the comfort and efficiency of the home. 

Geothermal pumps are becoming quite popular thanks to their earth-friendly nature, using up to 50 percent less electricity than conventional HVAC systems. Because the unit passively moves heat from one place to another, it isn’t changing the temperature of the air like traditional AC units. Be sure to find a qualified geothermal installation technician to add your new heat pump to the family.

Organize Your Home Office

Working in a messy environment may adversely affect the quality of your work. Even if your job revolves around a computer screen, an organized office defends against distractions. Increase productivity with a clutter-free workspace, and position yourself for success by starting with a purge

Spend 30 minutes getting rid of everything that can go, and then create a catch-it space. This space can include two trays for new and old documents, a shelf or hooks for essential items, and a trash can.

Home offices often serve double duty as storage hubs. Freestanding pieces near your desk add a place to stow work-related items, while larger pieces disguise the miscellany that can collect in this room. Installing a dutch door will give your office a bit of privacy while enabling you to keep an eye on what’s happening with the kids on the other side. 

Make your weekend productive with these three functional design and decor projects that make sense. Your time well spent may save money, too.

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