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4 Ways to Enhance Your Home Videos with Instrumental Music

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Nothing is as important as spending quality time with your family members especially when you are celebrating a special event. For example, it could be your son’s first walk. It could be your first Christmas together after a long time apart. Birthdays are also special events worth celebrating. How will you relive these memories in the future? How will your grandchildren see how you raised your kids? How will your nieces know that their aunt and uncle had an incredible wedding? The perfect answer to these questions is a home video. More specifically, you can create home videos for posterity’s sake. You can customize them as well. Here are 4 ways to enhance your home videos with instrumental music.

1.  Go for Real Instruments Instead Of Digitized Ones  
Advancements in the production and distribution of music are incredible. For example, you can download an instrumental today from thousands of music sites online. However, only a few websites have quality instrumentals. These instrumentals feature real organic instrumentation. For example, you can hear a real piano playing in the background instead of a digitized version. The same case applies with guitars and drums among other musical instruments. Distinguishing between the real and digitized instrumentation may be difficult for some people. However, many people will realize that one instrumental sounds better than the other one does. In most cases, the organic one sounds better than the digitized one so go for instrumentals that feature real instruments.

2. Use the Right Software for the Enhancement Process
Producing the perfect home video is impossible because attempting perfection at this kind of thing leads to endless editing. Using the right software would help you make simple edits that lead to desirable results. However, finding this software is a daunting task because so many of them exist. Use the elimination method to start your search for the right software. More specifically, avoid professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Magix Video Pro X, and Final Cut Pro X among others. You will waste a lot of time trying to learn how to use these video editors. Instead, go for Windows Movie Maker. It is freely available. Using it is a straightforward process, and you can find remedial instructions online if you experience any problem with it. Use it to enhance your home videos with instrumental music.

3.  Choosing the Right Instrumental for Your Home Videos
Instrumentals create different moods including anger, calmness, or drama. They can be inspirational, romantic, or sad as well. What kind of mood do you want for your home video? For example, wedding videos have romantic instrumentals while a child’s first walk has inspirational ones. You have to think of the genre as well. For example, country music has romantic instrumentals. You can find romantic instrumentals in rock and hip-hop music as well. Choose a genre that resonates with your family members. In other words, what type of music does your family like? You can check other things as well including the dominant instrument in the instrumental. You can go for a particular instrumental associated with a specific song or artist.

4. Going for Royalty Free Instrumentals Is an Excellent Idea
People love putting their home videos online so that their relatives, friends, and colleagues can see them. For instance, proud fathers would upload home videos of their sons or daughters coming home from graduation. Unfortunately, social media companies will yank these videos from their platform if they have copyrighted materials. Remember, instrumentals have copyrights attached to them in most cases. Violating these rights might lead to legal action against you by the copyright owner. Buying royalty-free instrumentals would help you avoid these unpleasant situations. Purchase them today so that you can make home videos and then upload them online without worrying about violating copyright laws.


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