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5 Awesome Places to Get Freelance Work Done

Asheville is a society of movers and shakers, which means that there is a large population of freelancers in the area. The awesome thing about freelance work is that you are your own boss, you control your job and your destiny. The bad thing about freelancing is that is generally means lack of workspace. Working at home is cool, but when your entire house starts to feel like your office, it is time to mix things up. The last thing any freelancer needs is to constantly feel like you are in ‘work’ mode, especially in the confines of your own home. It’s healthy to be able to separate home life from work life and work from a remote location.

Chai Latte at Waking Life

As a freelancer myself I understand this all too well. For the past year I have been hitting the pavement of downtown Asheville searching for the best place to plug in, settle down, and get some work done. I thought I would share my favorite locations with you in no particular order – just promise to not hog my corner, ok?

1. World Coffee Cafe. This is one of my favorite places to go as it generally isn’t jam packed with people, and there are lots of little nooks and crannies to settle into and work. There is free wi-fi, a lot of power outlets, and even a separate room that allows you to get away from the main hustle and bustle of the front of the cafe. World Coffee has excellent chai and is open late(r). World Coffee was recently visited by another blogger and you can find out about her experience -> here

2. Panacea. If you are willing to drive about 30 minutes outside of downtown Asheville to get some work done, I highly recommend Panacea in Waynesville. Don’t let the outside fool you – the place is larger than it looks. Panacea serves food and drink, so you can easily work a day away without going hungry. The location is spacious and there is enough room for you to snag a table and outlet all for yourself without feeling guilty. Panacea closes at 5. We’ve written about Panacea before -> here

3. If you are closer to West Asheville and looking for a place to get some business done, Waking Life is a great choice. While it is a small location, there is free wi-fi, a decent amount of seating, and tons of outlets. There is indoor and outdoor seating, and a small room off of the main area that can provide you with a little more privacy if needed. A blogger of ours recently talked about her experience during the 40 Days of Fika series.

4. If you aren’t bothered by noise and are willing to go a little earlier in the day to claim a seat, I highly recommend Dobra Tea. This is a popular location and there are always a good amount of people there, but the soothing atmosphere works wonders for a stressed out freelancer looking to get some work done. You can order a pot of tea and snag a table, bench/booth, or claim a spot in one of 4 cubby areas that have a floor table and outlets. Dobra is open fairly late (closes at 10 PM), allowing you to work hard and quick to get your project finished just in the nick of time.

5. South Asheville folks take note: The Green Sage is awesome. This cafe has two locations, one in the heart of downtown and the other on the main strip of Hendersonville road conveniently located near Gerber Village and delightful South Asheville shopping. The Green Sage has affordable food, ample seating, free wi-fi, and a ton of outlets for computer users. If you go, I highly recommend trying their freshly squeezed orange juice – you won’t regret it.

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  1. ashleigh.musselman@gmail.com'

    Great idea providing these resources! I have not been to Panacea, but all of the others are great options. I would also recommend The Battery Park Book Exchange in the Grove Arcade. They are open late, lots of nooks, walls of books, and you can enjoy coffee or wine!

    • ashevilleblog@gmail.com'

      Thank you! I also do love the Book Exchange! When I went there to work I had a hard time finding an outlet which is the only reason it didn’t make my 5 🙂

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