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5 Tips to Choosing the Right Band for Your Wedding

Choosing the right band for your wedding spells half the stress of making sure the right music and songs are already laid out for your “big day”.  In spite of the rising popularity of DJs, many couples still opt to hire an actual band to serenade and entertain them on their wedding day.  This makes weddings a lucrative gig for these bands all throughout the year and which makes it not surprising to see a lot of live bands offering services in your area. It is easy to find a live band for your wedding, what’s challenging is to find a band that will perfectly suit your needs and preference.

If you are clueless on how to find the right band for your wedding, you may follow these tips.


  • Start and Book Early


It is generally known fact that weddings require months of preparations and that includes booking your band. Bands for weddings are usually hired 10-18 months before the wedding that will give both parties ample time to prepare.  Start looking for the right band early so you will get a shot at those that are most in demand and are known to offer the best services.


  • Research your Band


If you do not have any band in mind, you might want to take advantage of the internet and search for live bands that offer wedding services in your area. You may check out http://msmusic.co.uk/ to find a list of top performing and highly in demand bands for specific occasions. Choose bands that are known to provide impeccable services with an impressive track record in playing for weddings. They must also be flexible enough to accommodate song request in any genres.


  • Outline Your Playlist


If you already have your eyes on one or more particular brands you might want to check if they will be able to perfectly play your favorites and your preferred songs and music for your wedding. Get your playlist ready and go over them with your band prospect. As well, you may ask for their recommendations on song additions or improving your playlist. This will showcase their prowess and experience in playing for weddings.


  • Draft a Contract


Once you have already chosen the band for your wedding, it is time to put everything into writing. Having a working contract between you and the band is a standard operating procedure in weddings. Make sure that you are aware and you completely agree with what is stipulated in the contract.


  • Discuss Flows and Breaks


After that, it is time to harmonize your band with the rest of the wedding preparations. If you have a wedding planner and wedding coordinator, turnover the band to them for instructions. If you want to do it yourself, discuss the overall flow of the event with them and fill them in with the details.

With the right band with you on your wedding know, you can be confident that everything concerning music and songs will be completely fine.

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