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5 Ways To Support A Chemotherapy Patient


Combatting cancer with chemotherapy can be an arduous time since the regimen that’s beneficial for your health might have a few side effects on your body in additional as well. However, being able to raise a victorious flag against cancer is not only glorious but relieving.

The side effects of chemotherapy are probably due to the drugs used in the regimens, which despite being targeted against cancerous cells might affect healthy cells as well. Most of the common side effects which are experienced by a variety of patients undergoing chemotherapy are anemia and corresponding fatigue; nausea, vomiting and gastrointestinal issues, hair loss and alopecia amidst loss of pigment of skin.

While cancer might affect one’s social, psychological and emotional wellbeing, it is a well-known fact that the illness has some widespread physical side effects, of which hair loss and alopecia might be the most common. Helping a dear one undergo chemotherapy through love and patience might warrant timeless support and motivation as well. Mentioned below are 5 ways that you could help a dear one battle chemotherapy and spark motivation for possible improvement as well.


According to a recent study in 2005, researchers advocated the use of acupuncture in order to get rid of post-chemotherapy associated nausea and vomiting bouts. Acupuncture is a popular needle-based therapy that is most ardently used and highly recommended by Chinese health professionals for getting rid of nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. In addition to this health benefit, acupuncture has also been known to spark motivation for improvement and also helps to get rid of fatigue and influences activity.


While most people undergoing chemotherapy might be motivated to get their errands done – and that too, independently, there are still many who might take the pressure of cancer and its side effects negatively and arduously. This doesn’t come off as a surprise as your dear one might be battling for life with every passing second, and in this situation, constant support by family and friends is highly required in order to motivate the affected people to keep their head and chin high.

Emotional support can be offered by spending more quality time with family and friends, and asking to assist them on their errands so that their confidence doesn’t get battered.

3)   HERBS:

In addition to acupuncture, some herbs such as ginger supplements and medication might help to get rid of post-chemotherapy associated nausea, vomiting and gastrointestinal problems. However, your dear one might still need standard medications of nausea, vomiting and post-chemotherapy associated motion sicknesses.


While ice packs might get obsolete really soon due to their ineffective results, scalp cooling cap systems have proven to be highly effective and preventive of extreme hair loss during chemotherapy. When fitted and monitored properly, scalp cooling cap systems provide adequate scalp hypothermia and have been regulated by the FDA for purchase and rent as well.


Many boutiques such as Suburban Turban offer chemotherapy hats, stylish turbans and quintessential headscarves that not only help the patient battle cancer with pride and confidence, but also help the person to stay positive and flash versatility even with widespread hair loss. Suburban Urban also provides its customers with adequate skin care regimens that help you to maintain your health even while battling cancer.

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