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5 Ways That You Can Enrich the Lives of Seniors

There is a common misconception that senior citizens are looking to wind down their activity. However, being a senior means anything but slowing down, with so many opportunities and experiences still on the table and ready to be grabbed with both hands. With age comes wisdom, freedom, and an appetite for adventure, so let’s look at these 5 ways you can enrich the lives of seniors.


1. Being there for all the big and small moments


The best solutions are often the simplest, and spending time with your loved ones is a perfect example of this sentiment. Simply being present for those haircut appointments, long lunches and every other activity will mean the world to your senior loved one. You don’t need to plan out an action-packed itinerary of things to do, and can instead complete those life admin tasks together and enjoy the time spent together. Those who seek aged care careers are always the individuals who can bring some fun and excitement to everyday tasks, so approach this with the same mindset.

2. Incorporate exercise into their regime

All generations are more engaged in physical exercise than they have ever been. Exercise has many physical and mental benefits, both of which contribute to the quality of life. Now that’s not to say you need a gym to be active, it’s actually more advantageous to participate in functional exercise over anything rigorous. Walking, climbing stairs and lifting moderate weights will enrich the life of your senior loved one, while also training them for everyday activities. 

3. Consider a diet change

Many of us find food to be one of our great loves, but it serves a far greater purpose than tasting fantastic. The right diet can put your senior loved one on the right course for enriched health and wellbeing. If you are taking on this task for your senior loved one, remember to involve them in the process to ensure they play an active role in their own health.

4. Social interaction

Being surrounded by family is one thing, but engaging socially with other individuals of the same age is another key way to enrich the life of your senior loved one. This is readily accommodated for those seniors who are living in a retirement village or community home, but if you’re not quite there yet you can still seek out like-minded peers. City Council will often have senior programs looking for volunteers, and so do the larger charities. This social interaction may be just what your senior family member is searching for and the calendar will soon fill up.

5. Learn a skill

Those who say learning ends after formal education do not have the right appetite for knowledge. Learning a new skill will engage one or both sides of the brain (depending on the sill) and will bring a mental prowess to future tasks and challenges. The skills can be anything that interests your senior friend or family member, ranging from a language, dancing, arts and crafts, or even a cooking class. The senior years are a time to sit back and assess life and do exactly what you want. So why not try your hand at something new?