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6 Killer Ideas To Design A Studio Apartment

Designing a studio apartment can be a challenging task to give it a sophisticated look. But, with the right approach, you can sculpt the place as per your taste. All furniture in the room not only embellish the place but also add maximum usage due to limited space. Thus, buying the amenities for studio Apartment needs some idea for the decoration part.

Your design for the apartment will inevitably involve your taste and lifestyle. If you are going to expect frequent guests there, then you have to keep it clean and impressive so that people crashing over, do not feel uncomfortable in any way. Have a look at some ideas to design your studio apartment for a comfortable living and lifestyle.

Some Killer Ideas to design a Studio Apartment

  • Colorful Tapestries: – Use colorful tapestries that give a fancy and attractive look to the room. Go for branded Tapestries with fewer colors in it but must be vibrant. They can also absorb sound from outside and gives a comfortable feel in the room. Using tapestries is a smart option to decorate the studio apartment in the house.
  • Living room: – Accent walls and a Bookshelf as a room divider may enhance the look of the living room. Use more of the space in the living room for furniture such as sofas, chairs and tables. Use elegant wall paints with not more than one or two colors. Use large-sized couches and fills them with pillows and cushions of unique design that can help to enhance the sophisticated look largely.
  • Dining room: – Using dining table with surrounded chairs is best for a dining hall. Use the chairs of the same color as that of the table and use a little vibrant colored tablecloth to cover table and chairs. Using cushions in the chair is one of the most helpful ideas for your dining space to give it a luxurious touch to the dining hall.
  • Mirror doors: – Mirror doors are the most attracted version of the design that can be used on not only the doors of the room but also the doors of lockers and shelf. Mirror gives an elegant and better look to the room as it reflects the light throughout the room and makes it brighter in small lights. Mirror doors are preferable in the studio apartment that can create a gallery wall adding a luminous effect to the room.
  • Multipurpose furniture: – One of the smartest plans for the design of a studio apartment is multipurpose furniture. You can get multipurpose furniture in Modern Digs furniture stores that can shift their shapes based on the utility options. Versatile furniture not only creates space but also merges with any room. They can be used for photography, and each of the furniture can be used multiple times.
  • Bed design: – Raising or suspending the bed can be proved useful to manage the space of the rooms as well as gives a unique look to the studio apartment.

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