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6 Tips That Will Help You Set Up And Run A Pet Store Successfully

Operating a pet store can be incredibly profitable. But just as with all other business, it requires detailed planning and dedication on your part. If you set up a pet store at a good enough location, market it very well, and provide excellent service, you can actually do pretty well in this field. Below, we provide six tips that can help you set up and run a pet store better.

Decide Your Niche

Every business needs a clear-cut vision of its niche. So does a pet store. You need to decide what pets you will be focusing on. Will you be catering only to dogs or cats? Or will you cater to both? Will you also be selling items aimed at rabbits, parrots, hamsters, and so on? Ask yourself these questions and you will arrive at a clear-cut answer as to which pets you will cater to in your store. And as a beginner, it is recommended that you only focus on a few pets that people generally have in their homes, like cats and dogs. Setting up a shop catering to all kinds of pets can become incredibly complex and financially taxing. Offering a focused service is the key to success.

Determine The Layout Of The Store

You will also need to determine the layout of the shop. Once the customer enters your store, they should be able to navigate the space with ease. If the sore is too small, then the customers will find it tough to move around the various shelves, which will give them a bad experience of the store. This can eventually dissuade people from coming to your pet shop since they find it too uncomfortable. So, talk with your interior designer and instruct them to make sure that the entire store is easily navigable even for an old person.

Provide Training To Employees

The quality of the employees will have a big effect on how much business your store generates. If the employees are knowledgeable and pleasant in their dealings, the customers will be delighted enough that they will come back to the store. In contrast, if the employees are confused when the customer asks any doubts and they mostly behave in an irresponsible, arrogant manner, then you will end up losing tons of customers. So, ensure that you only select employees who can talk in a friendly manner and that all of them are provided full knowledge of each and every product in the store.

Get Into Partnerships With Local Vets

You should also consider partnering with local vets for mutual benefits. Check out the local yellow pages and create a list of vets near your area. Contact them one by one and set up an agreement where they will refer their clients to your pet store. In return, you can agree to direct any customer looking for a good vet to them. This is a win-win situation for both parties. And once in a while, you can conduct free pet checkups in association with the vet at your store to give a boost to your business.

Offer Grooming Services

Most pet stores only focus on selling products. But you should not limit yourself to sales alone. Expand your business and look into other opportunities to profit from. An excellent choice will be to start offering grooming services to dogs. If the regular customers see that you are offering a dog grooming service, then they are likely to come to you when they want to groom their pet dogs. Make sure to use high quality-products when grooming the pets. For example, if you are removing flea and other pests from a dog, then use a quality product from https://pet-action.com/ rather than a cheap one. This will provide the best results, which will ensure that you get repeat business from customers.

Associate With A Local Animal Shelter

There are many animals that roam the street, living in harsh conditions without any owner. Fortunately, animal shelters do find some of them and provide comfort. You can associate with any local animal shelter and advertise their animals in your store. Just take some pictures of dogs, cats, and other animals, and post it in the store together with the contact details of the shelter. By doing so, customers will start perceiving your shop as being a ‘socially responsible’ one since you are helping poor animals find an owner. And consequently, these customers are more likely to come to your pet store again because of the good identity you have created.  

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