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7 Apps To Help You Live A Healthier Lifestyle

To improve your physical and mental health, there are so many areas to focus on. From healthy eating to improved sleep, these apps include lots of features to enhance your wellbeing.


  1. Healthy Recipes App


If you’re looking to improve your diet, the healthy recipes app can help. Here you’ll find plenty of healthy recipes to choose from, including meat recipes, vegetarian recipes, and plenty of healthy snacks. Whether you’re looking to make a low-carb pizza or a healthy casserole, you’ll find plenty of tasty options to inspire you. Search for whatever you fancy, using ingredients or the recipe name. There’s an option to store your favorite recipes or create a shopping list. The app allows you to check how many calories are in each dish, so it’s perfect for weight loss.

2 . Way Of Life 


Using the Way Of Life application, you can work on identifying, monitoring, and changing your bad habits. With this habit tracking application, you’ll find the motivation you need, to create a healthier lifestyle. The app encourages you to store info about your lifestyle. Using this approach, you can identify lifestyle trends, both negative and positive. You can focus on areas such as exercise, fast food, eating habits, or sleep. 


You might also use Way Of Life to work on your vices, whether alcohol or smoking. According to PubMed, ‘Although all forms of smoking are harmful, smoking pipes or cigars is associated with lower exposure to the lethal products of tobacco products.’ When cutting down on cigarettes, many people choose to switch to a smoking pipe or an e-cigarette. Switching to slightly healthier products can be useful as you make the transition to quitting. Remember, you must gradually advance on your transition. For that purpose, when you’ve decided already to take the plunge, you can find the best vaping starter kits as a safe first step towards finally quitting.


  1. Shine


Shine is the perfect application to help you improve your self-care. It’s a mental health-based tool, supporting users to establish more positive thought patterns. You can use Shine to calm anxiety, ease stress, and relax. The Shine library offers many different meditations, on various themes. Choose from meditation topics such as improving sleep, self-love, stress reduction, black mental health, forgiveness, confidence, and much more. With the help of the Shine app, you can monitor your mood, and receive journal prompts to focus on your emotions. Whether you’re looking to express more gratitude or advance in your career, Shine can help.


  1. Pocket Yoga 


The Pocket Yoga app allows you to practice yoga from wherever you are. There are 27 sessions to choose from, users can select the difficult and the duration. There’s a ‘pose dictionary’ where you can learn about the correct alignment and posture for each yoga pose. You’ll get visual and audio instructions, to guide you through your practice. All of these sessions were especially designed by expert yoga instructors. If you want to play music, you can link directly to your Spotify account. The app helps you to track your progress, helping you to stay motivated. With the help of Pocket Yoga it’s easy to improve your yoga practice.


  1. Slumber


If you have trouble falling asleep, the Slumber app it’s a great tool. The app offers calming sleep stories and music, helping you to drift off. Choose from a selection of sleep meditations or sleep audios. You can customize the background noises, to create the perfect sleep track. There are a select of nature sounds and white noise tracks to choose from. Users can delay the ending of the sleep stories if they need a longer sleep track. To improve your quality of sleep, Slumber is the perfect app.


  1. EWG Healthy Living


The EWG Healthy Living app can help you to make healthier choices when purchasing products. The app rates cosmetics, food, and cleaning products based on how healthy they are. All you have to do is scan the barcode and the app will provide a healthy rating. We don’t always realize how many harmful chemicals are in our cosmetics and foods. With the help of this app, you can find healthier alternatives to your everyday products.


  1. Runcoach


Whether you’re a beginner or a running pro, the Runcoach app is a great tool. The app offers personalized guidance, to help you meet your running goals. Here you can access a running training schedule, and get plenty of tips. Your schedule will be based on your level of fitness, availability, and cross-training. Using this app you can safely increase your mileage, and avoid running injuries. With the help of the Runcoach program you can:


  • Get plenty of expert support.
  • Monitor your workout.
  • Adjust your schedule.
  • Set running-based goals.


With so many healthy apps to choose from, it’s easy to work towards a healthier lifestyle.