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7 Reasons Why Playing Minecraft Can Be Beneficial To Children

Researchers at Radbound University believe that some video games can offer benefits to children, assisting them with regulating their emotions, building strong social ties, and improve their cognitive abilities. The following reasons explain how playing Minecraft can be beneficial for children.


  1. It Is Educational

Both adults and children are easily entertained through the world of Minecraft. The game has an open sandbox format that is providing endless possibilities. Once resources are collected by digging up dirt and punching trees, these resources can then be utilized in formulas to manufacture other tools like axes, shovels, and hammers. Once players have accumulated enough resources, they can even build more comprehensive tools like trains, houses, and circuits. Educators and programmers recommend this game to teachers since it can be easily adapted to the curriculum, which permits for any experience.


  1. It Boosts Creativity

Minecraft offers children unparalleled opportunities for creativity. Some might build extraordinary houses while others can explore wide-ranging caves underground. Perhaps your child will disclose his architectural mastermind by creating amazing structures and block cities inspired by fictional or real locations.


  1. Teamwork

Children can play solo missions, or parents can download custom Minecraft maps with multiplayer adventures. Psychologists have been conducting research on video games as a method to build social skills where children get to interact with one another to overcome difficulties and achieve success. Dr. Isabela Granic explains studies that revealed individuals who play video games that inspire cooperation are more likely to help others while gaming as opposed to those who play the same video games competitively. You can now also buy Minecraft toys from in-store or online suppliers.


  1. Problem-Solving

Children get to discover new resources and experimenting with several recipe combinations to manufacture tools in Minecraft. They must work out how to build a shelter before night arrives and feed their avatar. This is beneficial for enhancing memory and problem-solving skills.


  1. It Educates Children On Resource Management

Once children become immersed in Minecraft, they start calculating the costs of their supplies. For instance, wood can be obtained by hand, but it is quicker to use the axe. However, these tools will ultimately wear out, which means they will need more resources. A child can compare the economics of supplies and labor as they continue to craft thousands of recipes utilized in the game.


  1. Geometry Skills

Children will undoubtedly practice their geometry skills when building these blocks and creating building structures. They quickly learn how to stack blocks in such a way that it is structurally secure.


  1. Age-Appropriate Content

Minecraft is suitable for playing by children of multiple ages. It is rated for children from age seven and up by the PEGI (Pan European Game Information), from age four, and up for the iOS version. Even though weapons are being used against enemies in the game, the confrontations are not graphic whatsoever. Parents have the option of setting the game to “peaceful” mode to avoid children from encountering any monsters.