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7 Tips On Finding A First Home Builder That Offers Affordable Rates

It is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience at the same time to take that big leap from renting a home to investing in building your own home.

Not only is it a costly investment, but you also want to make sure that you’re getting good value for your money when choosing a builder that understands your vision and can build your first home according to your specifications and heart desires.

What To Consider When Building A First Home?

  1. Finding the perfect home

After securing land, you want to be looking for a home that compliments your block size and shape.

  1. 2.   Finding the right builder

Building a house is a long-term investment. You don’t want to make use of a builder that doesn’t fulfil your expectations when building your new home.

  1. Finding the right location

Building your home in a place where you want to be living in. Consider whether you want to be staying i.e upcoming and newest communities in your preferred choice of area or neighbourhood.

  1. 4.   Financing

Choose a building company that make use of a finance company that are transparent with their loan terms and conditions and about what you’re qualifying for (first home owners grant)

  1. 5.   Unexpected building delays

To minimise building delays, choose a company that have the necessary materials they need for the job well beforehand.

  1. 6.   Think about sustainability

By considering options like installing solar panels and/or grey water gardening systems, will save you money on electricity costs and water bills plus reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the value of your home if you’re leaving open the possibility of reselling in a few years’ time.

  1. 7.   Climate

It’s always recommended to find the builder that considers the climate of the area where you’ll be building your new home. For instance, when you’ll be staying in a colder area, insulation needs to be installed to keep down the cost of heating during the cold winter months. Tiles on the other hand, are a better option for homes that are built in warmer areas.

Here we highlight a few good reasons why first home buyers in Perth should consider B1 Homes as their preferred choice of builder:

  • They believe in building first homes that people want to live in at affordable rates.
  • They’ve already created a smarter and well-thought-of strategy to making the process of building a house in a faster (within 20 weeks of your slab going down) and more streamlined fashion compared to other building companies that might not always deliver on their promises.
  • They aim to build a home that you will love for years to come.
  • The founder of the company has been building clients’dream homes for over 25 years, doing so while taking with client satisfaction and budget into consideration.
  • The company strives to maintain beneficial attributes that include: honesty, dependability and attention to detail.
  • They’ve won many awards including customer service, best spec homes and display home of the year

Thanks to B1 Homes Experts for giving their valuable tips on the above topic. Our readers can search them via Google using query “Perth first home buyer B1 Homes” to get to their website or call them at Tel:0865001039.

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