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8 Foods You Should Avoid on a First Date

Are you planning to have a date? You must have already thought of where to invite someone you fancy and how it should go. Did you know that some singles get so excited about having a long-awaited date with someone who they have recently met on a dating site that they even plan what they are going to it? Actually, this is quite a smart approach to having a perfect date since some food can spoil the whole romantic atmosphere. Even if you don’ have a food allergy, we would like to share some useful information with you and tell you what food is best to avoid on such an important day.


Feeling comfortable and confident is a must when you are planning a date. You wouldn’t like to burp, have gases and suffer from bloating stomach, would you? If you want it to go further than online dating, you should be prepared for a real date. It’s important to watch what you eat to make sure you have no issues that can disturb your romantic evening.

Check our list of top 8 foods that you shouldn’t have before or on a date:

  • Garlic

We are sure you know about it but still, you (especially you guys) forget about how terrible it smells. First of all, it doesn’t smell pleasant when you eat it but what is really disgusting is how your breath smells after you had it. This smell stays for hours and even the most minty chewing gum won’t help you.

  • Spaghetti

Eating spaghetti without leaving saucy splashes, having sauce on your lips and making weird sounds when sucking them in is almost impossible unless you are Italian or coming from a Royal Family. If you love pasta so much that you can resist ordering it, then look for farfalle or gnocchi, which are small types of pasta that is easier to eat and remain clean.

  • Ribs and wings

Eating with your hands is certainly no on a date. A date is supposed to be romantic, including touching hands but it will become impossible if you decide to order ribs or wings in lets say barbecue sauce. Not only your hands and mouth will be greasy but the end of your nose covered in sauce, so leave such a treat for times when no one see you.

  • Massive burgers

Big burgers made of a few layers of meat and buns do look very yummy but they are the worst food to eat when on a date. Be prepared that not only your mouth will be covered in sauce but your chin, nose, and cheeks, even meat juice can run down your arms. Don’t try to cut it either and better choose let’s say mash and steak that will be eaten without a mess.

  • Beans

This is a real danger food not when it comes to dating only but ever day life. Beans, peace, lentils as well as Brussels sprout make stomach bloat and cause gas, so instead of relaxing and getting comfortable in any position, you will have to be tense and control yourself. We bet you know what we are talking about. Avoid even a small portion of beans or peas especially if you are planning to continue enjoying your first date somewhere more private.

  • Spicy food

If you are not tolerant to eating spicy food, then it’s best not to have it on a date. Chilly will make you sweat, it will make you cry and also it can burn your lips and tongue, so you won’t be able to enjoy kissing your good-looking date.

  • Soup

Having soup on a date or any other formal meeting isn’t a smart idea too. You will have to be really careful not to splash it on your clothes and around. Also, slurping may push your date away, so choose solid food that won’t make mess.

  • Cone Ice-Cream

Whether you are a girl on a date or a guy who is going on gay dating, having an ice-cream in a cone is risky. The way you eat it can create a wrong impression. For a lot of guys licking ice-cream is associated with sex, so if you don’t want your date to get too horny and think of how to drag you to bed to check your skills, then you shouldn’t have a cone ice-cream.

You can enjoy a big bowl of pasta or huge burger when sitting in front of your laptop and using a dating site but you have to show your good manners when sitting in front of your date in a restaurant. There are plenty of meals to order and not having problems with feeling uncomfortable. Keep our tips in mind and choose food that won’t get you in troubles since the last thing that you want is food ruining your date that supposes to be perfect.