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8 Tips for planning a hassle-free Sunshine coast vacation

8 Tips for planning a hassle-free Sunshine coast vacation

Whether you’re planning a weekend trip, organizing a family holiday or backpacking through another country with a friend, it can become quite a daunting task if you’re not preparing and planning your trip efficiently ahead of time.

Have a look at these helpful tips to book a hassle-free vacation

1.    Creating a Whatsapp group

Creating a Whatsapp group is a feasible way of organizing and communicating with other members of your group before and during the trip.

2.    Nominating a second-in-command

Every organizer needs to have a second go-to person that can help with researching accommodation and following up on bookings and deciding on activities that can provide a fun trip for everyone involved. A second person to assist with travel arrangements can be helpful to double-check all the arrangements to prevent mishaps with dates from happening.

3.    Determining a budget

First, you’ll need to determine a budget that suits everyone and find out the maximum each person is willing to contribute then work according to the parameters of the lowest total. Make sure you make a list of at least three options, two that falls within the budget and one that is a bit more pricey, but with an optimal setting. Sometimes people may be willing to fork out a little extra if the place is worth it.

4.    Booking accommodation

Make sure that you’re booking accommodation with enough beds for everyone in the group. After all, it is a vacation, and no-one enjoys sleeping on the floor or an uncomfortable couch.

Also think about the different types of accommodation Sunshine coast (i.e., backpackers, house rentals, chalets, hotels, etc.). Saving some money on accommodation means you can allocate more money towards other activities or treats.

5.    Copies of passports

When organizing flight tickets, it’s imperative that the spelling of names and the birth dates are correct. Have everyone send you a copy of their passports in advance. It should be noted that everyone must have at least two open pages left for stamps and make sure their passports are still valid by the time you’ll be going on vacation.

6.    Organizing visas

Avoid volunteering to organize everyone’s visas for them. Instead, share the relevant information as well as the itinerary with everyone they’ll be needing for their application.

7.    Creating a spreadsheet

Keep track of all your booking dates, expenses, payments and the costs payable from each person by documenting it on a spreadsheet. It will be best to determine all the costs involved at an early stage and have everyone pay in a lump sum so that all booking expenses are paid upfront to avoid embarrassment or huge outstanding amounts when you’re about to leave.

8.    Work out a plan of action in advance

If you’re going on a road trip, decide beforehand who will be taking turns with driving and choose a car that is fuel efficient but also big enough to accommodate everyone. If you are flying, discuss where you’ll be meeting everyone, whether at the check-in terminal or boarding gate.

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