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The 99th Pint - Devil's Britches IPA

The 99th Pint – Devil’s Britches IPA

A Friday evening, I met a friend at Highland Brewery. That night, I knew I was going to start this series but I didn’t plan what I would drink. I want this to be an organic sort of experience. I’m of the school that any decision you make is the right decision at the right time.  Consequently, as we go along this journey, I want to drink what feels right and then write about it. 

I walked up to the bar and was pulled in the direction of their seasonal beer, Devil’s Britches IPA. A beautiful red color and smelling of hoppy goodness, I took my first sip. Refreshing – A bit bitter, a bit citrusy, a bit smokey and all kinds of hoppy goodness. My review on Untapped that night (after a couple), “It’s a genius example of a flavor explosion”. Heh. Clearly, I’m a fan.

Sometimes things just come together. This was one of those times. A delicious beverage and Letters to Abigail on stage playing, among other great stuff, a Patsy Cline cover immediately followed by a Johnny Cash cover – lovely perfection. I think its fair to say,  Devil’s Britches look good on me. Several pints in, we closed down the place but then, they close at 8pm. Ahem, I’ll spare you all my rant about how early some of my favorite local places close up (for now). 

“You order one up
You drink it down
98 pints of beer at the bar”

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Carmen Ybarra lives in Asheville. She strings together words, takes photos, and drinks beer. More of her her photos and words can be found here: www.CarmenYbarra.com. More of her imbibing can be found here: untappd.com/user/sweetish

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