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Additional features on bookmaker websites

It’s easy to assume that placing bets will always be the primary intention for visiting a bookmaker website or app but there’s been a recent rise in alternative features to get involved in. These football teasers serve as a break from betting that allow punters to try their hand at games that are completely free to play, and that could potentially reward the winner with a massive cash prize.

The sole aim of these free-to-play bookmaker games is to encourage players to keep returning for the next edition. Even quizzes fall into this category if they’re based around sport, like the ones you’ll find on Oddschanger’s dedicated Quizzes page, which provides followers with new football teasers to liven up quiet fixture lists.

A few of these exclusive games have become a cornerstone for frequent punters. They include:

Fantasy Football                                                

Although it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the selection of free-to-play games, Fantasy Football is always one of the most preferable breaks away from betting. It’s active throughout the season and offers football fans the chance to build their dream team. You’re awarded points based on the performance of all the players in your team, with it being mostly based on goals, assists and clean sheets.

It’s now possible to join as many leagues as you want, and it improves your chances of coming away with some prizes as there’s cash prizes on offer for weekly, monthly and seasonal achievements in Fantasy Premier League. It’s become another way of presenting football teasers to the many punters throughout the country, with it being a regular challenge to select players who’ll have the most impact in the next round.

SkyBet Super 6

Options for free-to-play bookmaker games change quite often, with the individual bookies always pressing for a new and exciting way for their customers to make use of their website and app. Despite the efforts to keep things fresh, Soccer Saturday Super 6 is one bookmaker feature which football fans always keep involved with. It’s arguably one of the easiest games to come to terms with too, making it even more popular among the SkyBet customers who want everything to be instant.

Every weekend sees a new edition of the Super 6, where players can win anywhere between £25,000 and £1 million merely by predicting the exact correct score of six chosen football fixtures. If nobody manages to accurately predict the outcome of all six games, there’s a £5,000 cash prize to the person who finished closest with their predictions, so it’s always worth having a try at every opportunity.

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