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The Artist’s Routine

The Artist’s Routine

Art and life are one in the same. One without the other is equally meaningless, because it is only through life that we can appreciate art and it is only through art that we can express life. As such, the artist’s routine is something unique. A balance between seeing the world as beautiful and seeing it as ugly, and knowing that there is beauty in ugliness just as beautiful things can be horrid. To live as an artist, you need to keep both eyes wide open. You need to be open to experiences, and you need to live as both an observer and as a participant.

Most artists, of course, must also be content with other responsibilities as well. Finding a balance between routine, work and finding your muse doesn’t have to be a struggle. Rather, all it requires is a focus on energy-inducing habits and better productivity. From there, focus on experiencing life more vividly, and you will have all the inspiration you could need.

Improving Your Responsibilities

Working on something other than your art is part of life. Very few artists are paid enough to take their passions full-time, and as such many of us need to find a way to balance our aspirations. Start by eating healthy and exercising more. Not only will this help improve your cognitive function, but it will also make you feel better in general. This, in turn, will help you work better. Combine this improved mental faculty with 90-minute working intervals, after which you take a break, and then work on another task entirely. This will help reduce the mental fatigue and make it easier to work more productively.


Once you have improved how productive you are with your responsibilities, it is time to expand your horizons. Reading is one of the best ways to do this, and with everything that you learn, more inspiration will come naturally to you. Read fiction, poetry, non-fiction, articles, and essays. Read in your spare time and on your commute. The more you read, the more about the world will open itself up to you. Art cannot exist without life, after all, and by knowing more about lives that are different to yours, you can find new ways to express yourself.

Engage with the World

Art is not passive. It is expressive, and in order to find new ways to express yourself you need to get out there and engage with the world. Spend the time with your friends, laugh, have fun trying to escape from the Syracuse Escape Room, or try out blind dining – whatever you choose, make it new. Chase new experiences and learn new things every day, and you won’t just know more about the world, you will feel more about the world.

Be Disciplined

Having all the inspiration and ideas in the world won’t help you unless you can translate those into art. That is why discipline for your own passions is key. Take what you know and what you have experienced and create every day. A little work will go a long way, whether you are writing, or painting, sculpting or sewing. Be disciplined, and you can use your life as the inspiration you need to create wondrous things.

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