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Arts 2 People Rebrands Local Festival LAAFF

Arts 2 People is a grassroots, community activist, arts and social service organization that has been working in the community on behalf of emerging arts projects for two decades. A2P produced 15 years of LAAFF, and is the group responsible for the popular landmark Lexington Gateway mural at I-240 and Lex, and several other important murals in AVL. Over the years, A2P has moved well over a million dollars around in the community, incubating hundreds of creativity-based businesses and endeavors.

Arts 2 People has exciting news for Asheville! We believe every event should have a purpose and mission behind the gathering. Arts 2 People has been working diligently to revisit the vision and mission of our annual fundraiser, formerly known as LAAFF.

In 2001, LAAFF was created by the artistic minds of business owners and resident artists. What began as a block party in 2001, LAAFF continues to bring significant attention, positive PR, and business to Lexington Ave. by celebrating the arts. The Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival, with great success, has served the mission of Arts 2 People by helping to bring economic development and cultural awareness to one of the great streets of Asheville while incubating hundreds of artists and generating profound economic impact. Throughout the past two years, We have seen the festival grow into an event for locals by locals. This natural progression and growth has lead to a new chapter. The festival created a platform for our local creative community, and now, with your help, we are excited to bring Asheville “The Living Asheville Arts Festival.”

Arts 2 People will continue to activate the core values of our organization by working with partners to hold workshops, discussion forums, and interactive activities that promote the social and environmental well being for Asheville’s arts community.  By rebranding our event we hope to expand from a general focus on the arts to embody and honor the ways Asheville utilizes creative expression to enhance the natural environment, provide social equity and  support healthy lifestyles.

Arts 2 People is always looking for partners, volunteers, artists, and artist collectives to join us in celebrating Asheville’s local community. And we HIRE! Contact us about production contract opportunities! We are now searching for staff, performers, and new member of our steering committees! A link to the Vendor Application will be available on our Facebook page on Monday, May 2nd.

Funds raised through The Living Asheville Arts Festival support our community building grants program, which has supported fantastic projects like Asheville Grown’s Venture Local Fair, The Asheville Area Arts Council’s Refinery Creator Space, Fox & Beggar Theater’s Tarroco, The Ooh La La Curiosity Market, The American Burlesque and Sideshow Festival, The Authentic Communities Summit, and so much more over our 15 years of success!

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