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Asheville – A Supportive Community For All Veterans

Asheville will mark National Veterans Day on November 11, along with the rest of the country.  Many local businesses in the city will be offering discounted or free items to the city’s veterans to say ‘thank you’. Of course, all cities will show their respect in their own way, but Asheville has a special tie with the community’s veterans like no other.


Asheville’s history with veterans


Asheville has spent years supporting and working with veterans. When The White Plague was running rife across the country in the 1880s, Asheville opened up a medical center to treat the sick. Back in the first world war, General Hospital No.19 was built. Over the years, this hospital has played many roles, including servicing training soldiers, treating soldiers with tuberculosis, and providing healthcare to veterans with respiratory conditions.


Long-term care


Asheville is home to the The Western North Carolina VA Health Care System (WNCVAHCS) which comprises of four different buildings. The (WNCVAHCS) is dedicated to increasing the welfare and health of veterans in the city and recently carried out a pilot study on veterans using virtual reality (VR) technology. Researchers from WNCVAHCS discovered that 84% of veterans had less discomfort and 89% had less stress when using VR. This goes to show the ground-breaking work that Asheville researchers and the local medical center have made and can therefore work on sharing this with the wider veteran community.


Stable housing


Earlier this year military families in Asheville were given a housing allowance increase. This monetary rise shows how committed Asheville is to supporting those currently serving. However, Asheville also provides help to those who have finished serving the country and have earned veteran status. The North Carolina Heroes Fund (NCHF) can help veterans in Asheville with things such as overdue bills and household repairs. Alternatively, if a veteran has household renovations to complete or needs to modify their property due to a condition caused by their time serving, they may qualify for a Hero Home Loan. The veteran will be able to talk to a loan advisor about their  specific needs and they’ll take care of all the paperwork, so there’s no need to worry about getting something wrong. Then, once the cash has been granted, they can transform their home as desired.


Support & guidance


Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry’s Steadfast House has a track record of helping female veterans to get back on their feet when they’re faced with everyday life. A similar program exists for male veterans in the form of ABCCM’s Veterans Restoration Quarters. Both centers provide veterans with items such as food and clothing, along with a bed to sleep. They also encourage and persuade veterans to make something of themselves and will help with any training and education needs they may have, so that they can leave being fully able to support themselves.


Asheville fully recognises and supports its veterans and does all that it can to help them in the community. National Veteran’s Day will very much be celebrated in the city in November and for years to come.