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Asheville Brewing Company Review

Asheville Brewing Company

 675 Merrimon Avenue

77 Coxe Avenue

1850 Hendersonville Road

Mista Moody (an Asheville native) and DP (a recent transplant) have embarked on a flavorful journey indulging in Asheville’s (now) world renowned beer scene. Each week (on their own dime) they purchase two beers apiece on a mission to broadcast Asheville’s provocative pints.


Ninja Porterr; As far as Asheville brews go, ABC has a strong hold on the local peeps. word on the street is, Ninja Porter has its roots planted in drinkers that prefer dark beer. The difference is it has the dark beer flavor without the dark beer fill… and without sacrificing too much of the body (similar to the Ashevillian, if you were around for that tasty tidbit).  I will say, and this is why we pay for our own beer, I personally wouldn’t pay my hard earned money for Ninja Porter in a can. I’m not biased, well maybe I am, but just a little, but it seems to have to lost some of its umph from the draft to the can, IMHO.

 Rocket Girl; LAGER LAGER LAGER now in all honesty, in a town full of ales, lager is a targeted beer for people from out of town looking for something minimally different or someone that only drinks ‘_____ ‘and other beers i refuse to give mention to (I’m fine with owning up with the term beer snob, i didn’t grow up drinking the above neglected lagers). so keep that preface in mind, when drank cold it taste like any other piss flavored rice beer, I believe my thirsty cohort dp said it best, “tastes like soap suds” and after some good conversation and a cigar he, without retracting his previous statement he commented, “tastes better warm”, I’ll admit I’ve been debated on that ‘fact’ but I would still have to agree.

 Shiva IPA; Shiva is an amazing staple. this is a beer they should never (and probably will never) get rid of. I know I’m not alone in this opinion because everyone i meet loves Shiva IPA. If you care to look at our ratings you’ll see that were almost in agreement with how good this beer is. The one thing I don’t like about it, but can speak about it in a positive light, would be the fact that it isn’t overly hoppy, which is the exact reason so many people like this truly drinkable beer. no soap suds here 😉 .

 Perfect Day, previously King Hippo, for those that were paying attention (we weren’t). I believe we both agree that the ‘Perfect Hippo’ would be very much in between the Red Light and the IPA. very drinkable, very light, slightly floral. the floral is mainly in the aroma but you taste it about mid palate.


SHIVA IPA. 6% IBU (International Bittering Units)  69.3 color 3.7 (Score: 7.41)

Aroma 7.65 Appearance 7.75 Flavor 6.85 Mouthfeel 8.40 Finish 6.40

PERFECT DAY (aka king hippo) abv 6.8 (Score: 7.61)

Aroma 7.40 Appearance 7.00 Flavor 7.25 Mouthfeel 8.65 Finish 7.75

ROCKET GIRL abv 6.8 ibu 65 color 6 (Score: 7.18)

Aroma 7.40 Appearance 7.50 Flavor 6.10 Mouthfeel 8.30 Finish 6.60

ROLANDS ESB (Score: 7.68)

Aroma 6.55 Appearance 7.55 Flavor 8.45 Mouthfeel 7.80 Finish 8.05

RED LIGHT (Score: 6.11)

Aroma 4.75 Appearance 5.75 Flavor 6.95 Mouthfeel 7.15 Finish 5.95

NINJA PORTER (Score: 7.76)

Aroma 7.50 Appearance 8.30 Flavor 7.35 Mouthfeel 8.15 Finish 7.50


Overall Vibe:

Walking down Coxe Ave. you noticed the street starts to become a little desolate, as far as brews go. “Those locals told us it was down Coxe, on the right. I think they’re just messing with us. Is that a post office?”. Then BLAMM, Asheville Brewing Company comes out of nowhere.  If by chance you happen across, you may not even notice there is an inside as the outside seems like the place to be.  Similar to a backyard with seats for friends and yard games, minus the grass.  Upon walking inside the first thing you may notice is the smell of malt, or the tremendous amount of odd cups hanging on the walls for the overly dedicated. Either way, once your in and you’ve found your perch, prepare your pallet for some smooth drinking local Asheville beer.

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