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Asheville Forums, a new WNC networking website

Asheville, NC – A new website called AshevilleForums.com has made its way onto the Internet. A new startup and joint venture between two friends, AshevilleForums aims to be a landing destination for tourists and locals alike. “It is a place where people can gather and communicate outside of regular mass marketed websites such as City Data,” the founders explain. “We wanted to create an authentic experience for both locals and tourists to discuss the area.”

AshevilleForums.com caters not to just Asheville, but Hendersonville, Canton, Candler, Black Mountain, Fletcher, Arden, Weaverville, and Woodfin. With specific sections for shopping, food, beer, and general discussions, there is a lot of opportunity for users to interact. New users can sign up with a few clicks, either creating a brand new account or using their Facebook account to login to the site.

Why create forums in the time of Facebook? “Forums were the foundation to web communities as we know them today,” the founders say. “It is nice to be able to get back to the basics of a community not built around a mass media website like Facebook. While we both participate in various local groups and discussions offered by social media giants, we feel the forums will do well as a standalone entity.”

Ashevilleforums.com is partnering with local businesses and media such as AshevilleBlog.com, and local photographer Faith to Sight Photography to bring a true small town experience to their spot on the Internet. “We don’t want to get big and commercialized” the website states. “We are here to emphasis the importance of local businesses and people within our community to grow our web presence organically.”

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