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Aerial Footage of Asheville Outlets Construction

Asheville Outlets Aerial Construction Footage

We’ve got some neat insider footage of the construction happening at Asheville Outlets. The construction company sent a drone through the site to take footage of the progress. Specifically, they wanted to get some video of the beams that went up a couple of weeks ago. The beams will support what the company is calling galley roofs that will provide weather protection on each of the five concourses.

Asheville Outlets has gotten some comments and questions about why they would convert an indoor mall to an outdoor center. They want shoppers-to-be to know that while it will be an outdoor center, there will be plenty of protection from precipitation. There will be about 626 linear feet of gallery roof, with additional protection provided by awnings and architectural elements at the key corners of the concourses.

Shoppers today are really looking for a unique and convenient shopping experience somewhere that has a strong sense of place. Traditional retail malls are becoming a thing of the past. Asheville Outlets is taking great care to incorporate design and construction elements that reflect the aesthetic we are used to in Asheville. Stone, wooden beams and open-air are all elements we will see a lot of when the center opens.

Check out the drone footage in the video below. Thanks to Real Digital Productions and New England Development for allowing us to share this video.

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