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Ryan Earnhardt has an online recording school, Creative Sound Lab, that teaches musicians how to use the guitars and drums they own to create recordings that they can be proud of. His Asheville area studio Lumen Audio acts as a host to the recording school and recording sessions. To email Ryan click here.

Your Start to Great Drum Tracks


Your Start to Great Drum Tracks Recording your drum tracks can be one of the most challenging aspects of recording your bands music. If anything makes your music sound like a home brew, it’s because something went wrong in your drum tracks. This article will be the first part of a series of multiple articles on drum production and recording. Today we’ll cover how to place the microphones over the drum kit or otherwise known as “overheads”. We’ll cover two approaches and a fun fact on cymbal tone: A classic Beatles era overhead miking approach A new school asymmetrical approach A insight to shaping brittle cymbal tones, and cool stereo effects And of course, we’ll pair each of these sections with videos. So you can hear what I’m talking about and take it all in. That’s the point…isn’t it? Limitations Are Not a Deal Breaker Let’s face it…we all have limitations. These limitations could be a selection of gear, the quality of gear, the number of microphones and inputs, or even the space that we have to record in. However, the modern recording mindset is to rid ourselves of limitations. Let’s take guitar amps for example…We buy guitar amp simulators …

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