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battle of pancakes

The Battle of Pancakes: Soft vs. Hard Drinks

So, you are a pancake lover on the quest for new and delicious pancake recipes? Well, you can find all sorts of them on MyGreatRecipes, but, just in case you need a very specific advice on how to make your mundane pancakes extraordinary, then I would suggest sparkling things up. Nope, not burning your kitchen up, but adding a sparkling, bubbling drink into your pancake batter. Or maybe you want a booze boost? Either way, read along to see how can you make your pancakes the top talked-about recipe among your friends and family.

What Are Soft and Hard Drinks and Why Use Them in Pancake Recipes

The main difference between the so called “soft” and “hard” drinks is the content of alcohol they contain. A drink would be dubbed “soft” if the alcohol content in it is less than 0.5% of the total volume. To elaborate a bit more, soft drinks are non-alcoholic, carbonated drinks that also contain sweeteners and flavorings (be them artificial or natural), and they also may contain traces of caffeine, colorings, and preservatives. Hard drinks, or alcoholic drinks, can be divided into three classes: beers, spirits (or distilled beverages) and wines (this last class isn’t suitable for pancakes though).

If you are looking for a way to make your pancakes fluffy, feel free to use your favorite soft drink into the batter. If, on the other hand you are looking for a distinct note of your favorite alcoholic beverage, go for a “hard” drink base. These are not mutually exclusive, though. Adding beer will also result in a fluffy stack, and using an orange soft drink will inevitably bring an orange-y note to the pancakes.

Soft Drink Pancake Recipes

Now that we’ve established the differences and similarities between the two categories of drinks, let me share my favorite “soft” drink pancakes first. The typical way to go about using sodas in the batter is to replace the amount of milk with the equal amount of soda, but you can always play with the ratio milk: soft drink.

Dr. Pepper

This is by far my favorite soft drink or favorite drink in general. The cherry cola flavor is something I just can’t get enough of. Pancakes made with this soda will be great with tropical fruits, but you can also try and fold some blueberries into the batter. The tanginess of these berries complements the sweet taste of our favorite doctor J.


If you want to use a drink that is a tiny bit more on the sour side, then Sprite is the one you should opt for. The citric acid in sour sodas prompts the appearance of bubbles in the batter, i.e. it plays the role of buttermilk. Top the pancakes with some whipped cream and chocolate, or even some ice cream (I guess my favorite flavor would be cherry, but you can go for your own favorite, of course).


Want your pancakes to have an orange note? Then feel free to add Fanta to the equation. The best part about these is you can top them with whatever you want, be it ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate glaze, everything will complement the fresh taste either by enhancing it, or opposing it (as would the chocolate). I love making these with pineapple rings. I just cut the pineapple into rings, then dip them into the pancake batter and proceed to put them on the griddle.

Guaraná Antarctica

If I had to choose a personal favorite when it comes to being incorporated in recipes, then this soda will be the one (of course beating Dr. Pepper by a hair). Originating in Brazil, Guaraná Antarctica can easily be found in stores throughout the States, and they don’t have to be the Brazilian ones. I know this because my best friend is Brazilian and we frequent these shops a lot. A guaraná-flavoured soft drink is just what I need to give my pancakes a tropical, exotic taste and make sure my friends will enjoy every bite.

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