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The Best Alternative Source Of Energy

Ever heard of Solar Energy and wondered what is Solar Energy and how different is solar energy from other sources of energy? Unless you are living under a cave, there is no way you would not have heard about solar energy. Although, how much we know about solar energy is debatable. Considering the fact that we have almost depleted and exhausted all the possible sources of energy and the other available sources of energy cause harmful and an irreparable effect on the environment and the habitants it inhabits. Here are some of the facts that you need to know about solar energy.

Things You Need To Know About Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy?

  1. Solar energy is the best alternative source of energy that is available after geothermal and wind energy. Since all the other sources like oil and coal are non-renewable and are exhausting at a disturbing pace, the use of solar energy as an alternative is being considered in several production industries.
  2. The nature life and light giver of the Earth, the Sun is the one of the most powerful source of energy. The energy that is extracted from the Sun to either cool or heat products or to obtain electricity from is called solar energy, and is measured in kilowatt-hour and one kilowatt is equivalent to 1000 watts.
  3. Solar energy obtained from the Sun can either be transformed into electrical or thermal energy. Since it is obtained from a natural source, it is said to be a much cleaner and richer source of energy comparatively for the light travels faster than anything and it takes less than 10 minutes for it to reach Earth.

Domestic Purposes:

  1. Solar energy currently is used in many countries across the world for domestic purposes like a source of light, electricity generator or water heater in residential and some industrial units as photo-voltaic, solar architecture or artificial photosynthesis, whereas some also store the energy extracted for future use.
  2. Solar energy is also been considered as a potential source of energy in agriculture and horticulture industries to improve the cultivation of crops either through artificial photosynthesis which produces biomass, an alternative for fossil fuels or through greenhouses to enhance crop cultivation.
  3. The heating property of solar energy can be used from drying clothes by exposing it to the Sun with the help of clothes lines or racks, etc., and also as solar chimneys which can be used as a passive solar ventilation system. Solar energy is also used in the various food manufacturing industries to pasteurize and sterilize processed food before packaging.
  4. Solar energy saves a lot of money at home for it serves as an alternate source of electricity and provides power backup 24/7 even during rainy days or at nights. In some countries, the users of solar energy are provided with some incentives and tax exemptions too.

Commercial Purposes:

  1. Solar energy can also be used in water treatment plants without the use of either harmful chemical or exhaustive electricity to convert saline or brackish water into a safe and potable water source since solar energy has initially been used to extract salt from sea water.
  2. Solar energy can be used as a potential source of energy at commercial working sites for it is extremely safe and reliable since it is does not pollute the environment and does not cause any ecological or health hazards. It helps improve the greenhouse effect and can also be used in cooking or heating water through solar panels which are maintenance free and would last a lifetime.
  3. Some countries use solar energy to provide power to their spaceships during space missions. Solar energy is a very reliable source of energy that does not cause noise pollution or requires batteries to recharge them or additional equipments like chargers or invertors or any other wiring.


Although the solar energy has a variety of uses, it cannot be used at all the places due to its high costs and it is suitable only for huge investments. But, once installed it does not require any sort of additional help or servicing. Also, the Sun is the primary and most important source of light and life on the Earth and therefore it can be used anywhere and everywhere without having second thoughts with regards to hazards or any sorts.

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