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Bling For Less: The Ultimate Guide on How to Find Cheap Gemstones

Jewelry can get quite expensive, especially if you want more than one piece! Click here for a guide on how to find cheap gemstones and keep your bling on!

Gemstones are a great way to add bling to your jewelry. String them onto necklaces, turn them into pendants, or set them in rings.

But stones like diamonds and emeralds don’t come cheap. How can you enjoy jewelry without breaking the bank?

Look at other types of stone! Common quartz is one of the three most common types of mineral on earth. It still comes in a huge variety of styles and colors.

But if you’re wondering how to find cheap gemstones? Read on to learn more!

Choose the Right Gemstones

The first step to find inexpensive gemstones is to choose the right ones. As a rule of thumb, the more common the stone, the cheaper the stone, since they are easier to find and mine. 

Tiger’s eye, rose quartz, red jasper, and amethyst are all common gemstones. That doesn’t make them any less beautiful. They still make excellent focal points in jewelry even if they cost less.

We should point out that mass-produced stones won’t always have the best cut or color. If you can, buy them from a store or a fair so you can handle them first.

Buy in Bulk

Buying stones in bulk can be a way to make them cheaper. Picking up the stones in bead form is a great way to pick up inexpensive gemstones.

Choose the size of the bead and the length of the string. Having them pre-drilled also makes them easy to work with. You’ll whip up a new necklace or bracelet in no time.

Shop Online

You can often find the cheapest gemstones online. Look on eBay for your favorite stones. Some sellers will put together mixed lots to give you different types of stones in one bundle.

Others will sell bundles of the same stone. That’s great if you want to make a matching jewelry set.

Some eBay sellers will sell at a fixed price but if they run auctions you can pick up good bargains. You might pick up more valuable stones at a lower price if they’re secondhand.

Check the reviews before you buy gemstones from dedicated sites. If the price is too low, it could mean the stones are fake.

Using Cheap Gemstones in Jewelry

By saving money buying affordable gemstones, you can splash out more on the metals in your jewelry. White gold, yellow gold, silver – it’s up to you.

Many people wonder is white gold real, but we can assure you it is. It also looks great paired with cool-toned stones like amethyst and agate.

Pair jasper, tiger’s eye, or onyx with yellow gold for a striking finished piece.

Enjoy Your Stones

Now you know how and where to find cheap gemstones. Shop around until you find a supplier that you like and you can rely on them.

Using stones you’ve sourced yourself means you can create bespoke pieces to suit your style. You also know where they’ve come from and no one will have a piece like you!

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