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Burial Beer Co. Announces Second Location and Expansion Plans

Burial Beer Co. Announces Second Location and Expansion Plans

On June 15, 2012, Burial Beer Co. opened the doors to a modest taproom on the South Slope. The building was previously a warehouse, built in the 1940’s. We opened as a nano-brewery with the three owners running the entire business and brewing on a 1bbl system. This is how we spent the first 18 months of being part of the Asheville brewing community. We wanted to start small, it made sense to connect to the community, to build our brand and to keep our beer close to our hearts.

In June 2014, we were able to expand at the building and property in the South Slope neighborhood and started brewing on a 10bbl system December 2014. From there we opened a large outdoor beer garden and urban farm. With our handwork and relentless dedication, we brought a building and a piece of property back to life, gave it purpose and contributed to the revitalization of the South Slope neighborhood. This next year will bring a new wave of expansion and revitalization as Burial Beer Co. expands to a second location in Asheville, NC.

There are exciting things ahead for Burial Beer Co. as we not only expand production but transform another property to create a unique and one-of -a -kind experience. We couldn’t have done it all without our amazing patrons (I wish we could name everyone), our friends, family, staff, our colleagues in the brewing industry, Robert Todd and Red House Architecture, Brian Sinclair and Paint Rock Builders, William Hamilton of Conservation Advisors of NC, Neal Ward of Asheville Savings Bank, the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, all of our amazing supporters in the media and this amazing community that we are a part of each and every day.

The History of the Property located in the Biltmore Village Area:

Built in the 1920’s, Burial’s new Forestry Camp Property was used as part of President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt’s New Deal Program during the Great Depression. A site for the program called, the Civilian Conservations Corps, young men left their families, rode the train from all over the country and moved to this site where they lived, ate and worked on building resources for the Blue Ridge Parkway. We look forward to rehabilitating this historical property and restoring much of the facade and interior back to its original state as a large part in Asheville’s history.

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What to expect from the expansion:

1. Historical Preservation: 5 buildings which will transform into a two story taproom, a production facility, a restaurant and an acre plus of outdoor area complete with urban gardens and an outdoor event space. We will continue to hone in on our dedication to taking something old, maintaining the charming “flaws” and creating new life and use. This secluded urban estate with ample outdoor areas will give patrons an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The timeline is as follows: new brewhouse up and running by May 2016 ; new taproom and outdoor space by November 2016; restaurant opening by Spring 2017.

2. Increase in Brewing Capacity: We started out brewing 150 barrels a year. With our expansion at our South Slope location, last year eclipsed 1,600 barrels of beer. With our new 20barrel brewhouse and cellar, we will grow in two phases reaching 10,000 barrels with the first phase, then adding more fermentation tanks to cap out at 16,000 barrels per year. Our reach will expand out of state in 2016 and we will add 3-4 beers to our can fleet including Ulfberht Barrel Aged Baltic Porter, The Keeper’s Veil Honey Saison and Surf Wax IPA.

3. New Line of Beers: Once we are brewing on the production system at our second location, our 10barrel downtown brewhouse will transform into a system used solely for wild and sour farmhouse beers. We will be launching the new line under a new brand and label in Summer 2016 (details to be announced). Draft will be limited once we release the new beers but draft options will be available at both taprooms. There will be distribution of this new brand in 750ml bottles to several markets including NC, SC and GA.

4. Continued Community Connection: As a growing business we are aware of the compromises that are at times associated with expansion. We refuse to make those. We plan to cap our capacity at a point where we, as a business, can thrive and our employees can as well. We will remain connected to the brand and our values. We will continue to connect with the people in Asheville who have made this expansion possible through intimate events, familiar faces and a quality of the overall experience that will never falter.

5. New Two Story Taproom: previously used as the sleeping quarters for the young men who were working on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we will maintain the original wood and cubbies of this unique space. Patrons can expect a one of a kind bar and lounge nestled in a 6,000 square foot wood accented lodge, featuring Burial specialty beers among some rare guest taps. A true exploration of beer and bourbon.

6. Restaurant on the Estate: In Spring 2017, Burial will partner with a local chef to open a restaurant in 1 of the 6 buildings on the property. More details on the partnership to be announced later this year.

About Burial Beer Company

Modern design. Meticulous craft. Asheville creative. Burial Beer is an Asheville brewery kicking out Belgian farmhouse ales, german lagers and good ole american gold. Located downtown on Asheville's up and coming south slope.

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