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Burial Beer Co Hosts Moonlit Art Markets June - Oct

Burial Beer Hosts Moonlit Art Markets, Second Thursdays June – October

Burial Beer Co. has announced a series of Moonlit Art Markets hosted at their brewery at 40 Collier Ave on the second Thursdays of every month beginning in June and running through October. The Markets will feature artisans and crafts people from the Asheville community displaying their work that will be available to the public for purchase from 8-11pm.

Inspiration for the Markets derives from owner Jess Reiser’s experience and love of the nightly art markets on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans where she and her husband lived for three before moving to Seattle and then to Asheville to open their brewery.

“The first time I visited the market the first time it was February. It was cold with snow flurries, and there were lights hanging in the dark surrounded by this really beautiful, vibrant scene that was tucked away from the rest of New Orleans,” explains Reiser. “So much of that is what I see at Burial so to bring in that kind of energy and beauty here on a summer night with all artist who make Asheville really culturally vibrant and so special is a project we’ve been really excited about.”

Asheville historically boasts a rich and diverse community of artist and crafts people, an attribute Burial Beer Co. feels akin to and seeks to highlight at these Moonlit Art Markets by hosting group of artists that is unique to each Market.

“It was incredibly humbling and interesting to see how many talented people reside in such a small city and have the drive and energy to create and be part of the markets,” says Reiser. “The response was overwhelming and because of that we are able to feature a wide variety of artists and mediums over the next 5 months.”

Burial Beer Co. places heavy emphasis on art, music, and craft seeing a connectivity that drives not only their beers, but their events as well.

“Art, once upon a time, is something I anticipated making a career out of on the history side,” explains Reiser. “Beer and art are very similar in that once you can understand the history of a Renaissance painting along side the life that artist or even a beer and the brewer who made it, our appreciation of that craft becomes much more multidimensional. Being able to present the artist and their art together is a rare opportunity.”

For more information about the Moonlit Art Markets visit www.facebook.com/burialbeer/

About Burial Beer Company

Modern design. Meticulous craft. Asheville creative. Burial Beer is an Asheville brewery kicking out Belgian farmhouse ales, german lagers and good ole american gold. Located downtown on Asheville's up and coming south slope.

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