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3 Ways to Storm-Proof Your Home

This sponsored post came just in time for winter! Sponsored posts are paid posts that reflect the sponsors own brand and opinion.

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15 Ways Dogs Can Make Your Life Healthier

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This sponsored post comes at a great time, as there are many dogs needing new homes in Asheville. Read this list and then look into adopting a pet dog from the Humane Society!   Do you know that having a pet in your life can improve your health faster than you can think? Pets, particularly dogs have been around for the longest time and through time they have created a bond with a man. This explains why a dog has been said to be man’s best friend. Dogs not only help us live a happy life but they also have a lot of positive impacts environmentally wise. However today I will be showing you how dogs can make your life healthier. Dogs help in exercising. Dogs will help most people to go for that extra mile that you need to hit. Despite the couple of hours that people spend walking around the house they need to create a habit Helps push you to the limit People will get in some kind of competition with their dogs and despite the fact that dogs are faster people will try challenging their dogs. This is healthy They motivate Seeing your dog waiting for …

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Recovery Of Mistakenly Deleted Files From Your Drive


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How to Create a Warm, Cozy Home for the Holidays – ashevilleblog.com


This sponsored post is really coming at a great time because I was just thinking about how I could share with you about how to save energy and money on your winter heating bill

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Smart House Technology for Saving Energy

This sponsored post is really coming at a great time because I was just thinking about how I could share with you about how to save energy and money on your heating/cooling bill. It’s never been easier for a homeowner to lower their utility bills. This is thanks to a range of modern technologies, from basics like programmable thermostats and energy monitoring systems to all-important things such as motorized window shades and energy-conscious ceiling fans. So, is your home saving you money? Or are you spending more than you need to each month when the utility companies come to read your meters? Smart thermostats have been around for a while, and they’ve essentially become basic for modern homes. If you’re in the market for a new property, you’ll likely come across houses that have smart thermostats and monitoring systems already installed. The former helps you reduce energy use by lowering and raising the temperature to maintain the right conditions only when you and family members are at home, and the latter can track energy use so you can make necessary changes to lower your utility bills. You can read more about these and other energy-saving innovations in the infographic below. …

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Curious Creatures – 6 Surprising Facts about Common Pets

Domesticated animals are as unique and complex as humans. Have you ever wondered about some of the things they do? Like your dog, for example. How does he always seem to outrun you? And your cat – he’s smart, but how long can he actually remember something? What about your pet bird? Why does it seem like he’s always eating?

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Telematics Systems: Spying or Boosting Safety?

A report from research carried out by an individual world-renown magazine revealed that most truck drivers complain about the invasive monitoring devices being placed in the trucks they are driving. On the contrary, fleet operators, alongside other relevant stakeholders in the transport business, argue that they are installing these gadgets to improve the safety of the truck, driver, and other road users. An example of these systems is Elog from EyeRide, a company that prides itself on manufacturing all-in-one truck management systems. All-in-one tracking systems have a video camera surveillance system, remote braking system, and other gadgets to keep an eye on the truck’s and driver’s activities. The bone of contention arises from the video camera surveillance. This issue brings to question whether these systems are going a little bit overboard by infringing the limits of personal privacy. When it comes to this, courts have always ruled against the drivers, arguing that drivers have limited rights to privacy during working hours. GPS Location Tracker Devices and Driver’s Wellbeing The sole task of this system is to track and locate the vehicle’s location and movements whenever needed. Apart from this, these systems take and keep records of the engine performance, mileage, …

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Canada’s Appalachia: Vacation In New Brunswick This Summer

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As Ashevillians, many of us harbour a deep affinity for the outdoors. With the Great Smoky Mountains at our doorstep, there is seldom a weekend during the year where we aren't hiking, biking, or skiing in this amazing natural treasure.

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Replacing A Roof; Finding A Quality Contractor

It is quite overwhelming when you get a house at a very economical price. Constant exposure to the exacting environment lead to deterioration of the roof over time. The roof of a person’s house is not visible to the eye on a daily basis and its inspection gets procrastinated and eventually neglected. It is very important to get one’s roof inspected when the house is bought as its condition might significantly differ from what was apparent from the periphery.

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How Would the Great Charlton Heston Fare in Today’s Cinema Industry?


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