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Is Champagne Diamonds Different From Brown Or Chocolate Diamonds?

When it comes to marketing, you don’t go beyond “beauty” as the element made for product promotion. The best example of it is the largely popular champagne diamonds or in actuality colored diamonds. Champagne diamonds are actually brown diamonds, with yellowish shade and a fancy name. As attractive and aspired for, the champagne diamonds were not so popular in the initial stages. Marketing strategies such as cutting, polishing and high octane publicity blitz made them celebrity and the brown stones now have come a long way.

What are Champagne Diamonds?

In the past brown diamonds were not so trendy but with the introduction of the champagne variety it has gained great amount of foothold and market attention. Collectors and investors started buying the brown diamonds as they looked different and sported different hue that was attractive to look at. When you spell champagne the name smacks of elegance, an air of being luxury and influential such as you are referring to a celebrity.

All fancy diamonds that are colored derive their hue from a particular element being part of its composition as a crystal structure. The element is responsible for the way light is absorbed by the diamond. The champagne variety in particular has nitrogen as its element which was trapped by natural process while forming the diamond, more quantity of nitrogen content, more the intensity of brown color in the stone and vice versa.

How Do You Describe The Color Of Champagne Diamonds?

They are typically in light brown color added with a secondary yellow tone. According to journals this variety of brown diamonds are difficult to polish, and it is owed to their crystalline makeup, etched surface and abnormal shapes. In an attempt to overcome this obstacle, a special program was developed by Argyle Mine and successfully polished to unearth maximum beauty from its potential. The Argyl diamond mine in the Western Australia is responsible for digging up majority of the brown stones or champagne diamonds. The diamonds are due to the formation of lamproite and kiberlite diamond ore pipes billions of years ago. Intense heat, pressure and volcanic eruptions projected the formation to the surface of the earth making the way for mining the brown diamonds. If you are not aware, Argyle Mine produces maximum quantity of the colored stones in the world and brown diamonds and signature pink diamonds are part of them.

How The Champagne Diamonds Colors Are Graded?

If you search reports of grading from GIA or Gemological Institute of America you won’t find champagne in the grading list. The stone colors are usually described as fancy yellowish brown, fancy light yellow brown or the same type of phrase to express its intensity and hue. However the unique color scaling program of Argyle ranges the color grading as C1-C7 and C2 for light champagne color. C3 and C4 are designated to grade medium champagne colors and C5 to C6 are for describing dark champagne. Grading C7 is usually reserved for cognac.

What Is The Value Of Champagne Diamonds?

The most significant factor responsible for grading colored diamonds is the strength of its hue and color. Generally the darker and cognac diamonds of rare command the highest price in the market. The lighter variety of brown stones usually belongs to the lower rung of the spectrum starting from C1 to C3. The lighter variety of champagne stones is the most common and is also the lowest priced making them less expensive propositions for the buyers. When considering fancy colors in diamonds Champagne is the most popular as they cost less than blue or pink and even yellow. The popularity of the brown diamonds was hugely accentuated by economic conditions prevailing at the time and it was exploited by the manufacturers immensely. Champagne diamonds, also referred as chocolate diamonds is huge alternative for white diamonds especially for the middle class buyers. The price gap between the white diamonds and brown diamonds only gets larger with their size.

The champagne diamonds are affordable variety but it is always wise to buy them with a gemological certification, preferably from GIA. This will guarantee the actual value of the stone and assure you that you have bought your money’s worth.


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