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How to Choose Wall Panels for Seminar Halls?

The seminar halls are used for group meetings. This is why it should be cozy and comfy for a memorable experience. Besides aesthetics, speech intelligibility is a critical issue in the seminar halls. Choosing the right wall panels can resolve these issues. Check this to know everything about choosing wall panels.

Why use wall panels in seminar halls?

Using wall panels in the seminar halls have many advantages. They make the walls symmetric and add value and character to the seminar hall. Coming in a myriad of designs they can jazz up the seminar hall environment to the next level.

Paneling walls with 3d decorative wall panels are the most practical solution. They are good a protector of walls and also hide wall flaws and blemishes. Thus, you get an improved interior.

They also do not need any demolition or wall treatment. You can mount them straightway on to the walls. These are quite strong and durable giving you a relief from frequent replacement and repairing.

Wall panels provide excellent acoustic treatment

The way sound propagates is complicated. The material of the walls, ceiling, windows, doors, even furniture all contributes to the equation. In fact, it is almost impossible to say what will happen when a sound is emitted by the source. This becomes a critical issue in a closed chamber. This is why acoustic treatments are necessary for a seminar hall.

The acoustic wall panels are the most efficient solution for improving the audibility. Contrary to the common misconception, these never make anything soundproof. These simply help to control the reverberation in the seminar hall through sound absorption.

When a sound is emitted in the seminar hall, it bounces of repeatedly from the walls. This creates a series of echoes and these cause reverberations. When you install acoustic fabric panels on the walls and ceiling they absorb much of the sound and reverberation is minimized. This automatically improves the listening experience.

Things to consider for choosing wall panels

Wall panels are available in many styles and materials. Some of these are chosen for their decorative value and the others for their sound dampening properties. The process depends upon the function, taste, and budget.

A large number of factors have to be considered to get an acoustic solution. This includes the size of the seminar hall. This is because with an increase in size you are likely to have more noise problem. The shape of the seminar hall is also important as a square is prone to cause more reverberations than the curved structures.

Aside from these, you have to consider the built-in features into account. This covers doors, windows, floor, ceiling, sitting arrangement, and furniture. Other than these you should also consider the noise reduction coefficient of the felt wall panels.

Core materials of decorative wall panels

The decorative wall panels are generally named after the core material used. They infuse color and texture to make the walls gorgeous. You can choose any of the following:

  • Acrylic wall panels
  • Glass wall panels
  • Gypsum wall panels
  • MDF wall panels
  • Metal wall panels
  • Plastic wall panels
  • Wood wall panels


Noise reduction panels

There is also a wide range of noise absorption panels including the decorative ceiling panels. You can pick one from the following variants.


  1. Soundcore collection

Made from acoustic fibers these have outstanding noise dampening quality. The beauty of this is that they are they can also absorb shocks. You can get them in 45 colors. Having 0.45 to 0.90 NCR these are perfect for seminar halls.

It includes acoustic foam panels, cotton acoustic panels, decorative acoustic panels, hanging acoustic panels and many more. All of these are environment-friendly and are also class ‘A’ fire rated. These offer paneling solutions for the walls and the ceiling as well.

These can also be customized to match any specific requirement. Manufactured from high-quality raw materials they can make your seminar hall glam.

  1. PoshFelt Collection

Crafted from 100% anti-microbial wool, these paneling solutions are available in a variety of designs. These are non-toxic and non-allergic as well. Installing them in the seminal hall removes the annoying reverberation that challenges conversation.

You can get them in 20 + designs and 80 bright color options. This helps to enhance the seminar hall ambiance. Customization is also possible to fulfill any specific décor needs. These also have great noise dampening quality. Available in a plethora of varieties these can meet the requirements in a perfect way.

They can be fixed on the walls, ceiling, and the dividers as well. With their soft and luxurious touch, they make the place intimate.

  1. Planner collection

This covers modular systems of wall tiles that offer a great acoustic solution. These are made using acoustic fiber and felt. You can get them in a wide range of colors and they can also be tailor-made for any special requirement. They have pinnable surface and have a great holding strength.

  1. Flaps collection

These ceiling baffles can provide great acoustic treatment to the ceiling. You can get them in modular designs and in a wide array of attractive colors. These fire-safe acoustic panels can be made to order for specific needs. Using these will reasonably dampen the sound in the seminar hall.

  1. Stencil collection

This offers a unique noise reduction solution as a divider screen. Coming in a variety of designs these can be placed almost anywhere. Made from acoustic fibers and felt, their NCR is 0.45 to 0.90. Installing them delivers a tactile experience.

  1. Cumulous collection

When you are looking for ceiling-suspended acoustic solutions, these are the best. With their powerful noise reduction ability, they can make any nosy environment calm. These are available in definite geometric shapes. However, customization is possible for special needs.


No matter how you design a seminar hall, reverberations remain a constant problem there. The larger the size of the hall, the more is the acoustic problem. These wall panels have unique noise dampening property. You can use those in the seminar hall to make it a listeners’ paradise.



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