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Classic Silhouette Girl

Outfit details: Top: Victoria’s Secret, Skirt: Thrifted (Goodwill), Shoes: Target, Belt: Vintage (Twice Round in West Asheville)

Location: River Arts District<

Hello everyone! I am Jessica and you can usually find me over at A Day in the Life of One Girl just swimming in the fashion pool and doing diy’s. You know, the usual.

IMG_2949On this particular day I was heading out to meet some friends for dinner at Pizza Pura in the River Arts District. Have you been there? That pizza came out super fast! Did you know their pizzas are cooked for 90 seconds? It’s because the oven is 900 degrees! I ordered the Margherita but almost ordered the Fig and Pig – I love fig on a pizza! If you’ve had it let me know how you liked it. Truthfully, I wanted to take my photos right out in front of the restaurant because the colors are amazing on the walls! But alas, I am terribly shy so I scurried around corner and took photos in front of an abandoned building. I guess need to get over my fear of being seen with a camera on a tripod taking pictures of myself! It’s just what I do!
Onto the clothes…when in doubt I keep coming back to a classic silhouette of a close fitting top, cinched waist and A-line skirt. How can you tell it is an A-line? Easy – if you put it on and it has the general look of a letter A, meaning smaller at the top with a slight flare out at the end. It is perfect for my body shape because it disguises my heavier lower half quite well. Then again, I will sometimes just wear whatever I want to wear because I know I have junk in my trunk and I don’t care. Sometimes I just break the rules. Whoa. IMG_2982

I adore and might be addicted to polka dots. I picked this skirt up ages ago at the thrift store and for some crazy reason I have only worn it a few times. I can’t imagine why. I have to stop myself from buying MORE polka dot things. I even have a polka dot kitchen towel. What can I say. It is the best pattern ever invented.

What is your favorite pattern that you keep falling back on for a summery look?

About Jessica Underwood

I am a thirty something bargain hunter and adventure thrifter from beautiful Asheville NC. I love to find vintage treasures and create outfits from upcycled fashion I find at thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales!

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