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A Cloudy Day

cloudy-day-blue-ridge-parkwayWhile the sun is great, driving the parkway on a cloudy day is very interesting because the clouds provide a canopy of new colors and sounds. The mist of soft rain falling presents a melody of sounds that we normally do not hear on a sunny day. The canopy of trees that the drive goes under in a mist of rain and clouds darkens the hues of greens, golds and reds this time of year. The air is cooler on a cloudy day in fall setting the tone for a peaceful ride along the parkway. As always during the fall, the
leaves are beginning to drop to the ground softly and the ones remaining are starting to gain more color as peak season slowly approaches the Asheville area of the parkway.

While the weekends are busy right now with a lot of people out to view the splendor of fall colors in the mountains, a cloudy day on the parkway softens the noise of cars. The sounds of water falling through the leaves bring a jingle sound to the air. Stopping for a hike is great during a cloudy day. Even the rain cannot deter anyone from a good hike. It is an interesting experience and one that cannot be met on a sunny day. The clouds keep the forest on the dark side and the fresh scent of the rain reminds us that
even the forest need to be cleaned.

Cloudy days on the parkway should be treasured. Let the darker shades of color, the coolness of the air, and the crispness of the scent enfold you into the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway!

About Cathy Rodriguez

Cathy is a retired english professor who lives in Western North Carolina. She enjoys writing about the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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