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Day 15: Who’s craving a big, homemade biscuit?

i drove up a tree-lined street in a west asheville neighborhood on my way to biscuit head, and this is what i saw when i arrived:




wow. all i could do was giggle to myself. and i mean i giggled out of excitement. look at that back outdoor eating  space?! and what you can’t hear is the talking and laughing and fun that was going on. it sounded like life, you know what i mean? people gathering to enjoy some good moments together – now, that’s the makings of a great fika.

after my initial giddiness, and saying hello to lots of friendly people as i made my way through the parking lot, i opened the back door and saw this:



it looked funky, fun, and relaxing. the first thing i noticed was this thing that looked like a salad bar, only it wasn’t for salad. it was for jelly & jams! i mean, it is a biscuit place, you know. and they had all kinds of yummy jams there with all kinds of crazy flavors – none of which i can remember right now. sorry. anyway, i truly just stood by the jam bar for a while and just looked around at everything. it was colorful, there were menus & messages written on big chalk boards, it was industrial, and i couldn’t wait to get a big ole biscuit.



so, i ordered my coffee and biscuit, and headed to find the perfect little space to soak up this atmosphere. the cafe was very open, with a soaring copper ceiling (AWESOME), a freaky, awesome green concrete floor, industrial pipes, and lots of tables and chairs – wooden & metal. but, just by the front doors, i  saw it: the perfect place to sit. a sofa, a coffee table, and a big windows. by now, you should know that i’m a sucker for comfy, sofa-seating. i plopped right down and began sipping on my coffee, made from bean werks beans by the way.





now, for a little introduction to my cafe of the day, biscuit head

i had no idea, until i really looked at the logo, but this cafe was a mere baby, established in 2013! from the looks of it, thought, it is doing quite well. there were people coming in and out the whole time i was there. and it’s location is quite good, which only helps i’m sure. the home-cookin’ cafe is located on haywood road in west asheville… a new favorite place of mine with it’s long street of business, cafes, pubs, bars, and second-hand shops. the new, up & coming, hip place to be. and it’s right in the middle of a fabulous neighborhood area, so the people who live in west asheville can walk to haywood road and have their pick of great places.


of course, there are biscuits served. big, huge, flakey biscuits. and all that jam & jelly i talked about. but, they also have other breakfast items. and tons of choices to add to your biscuit or put on the side. their food is organic and local, and they use recyclable resources striving to lessen their carbon footprint on the earth. they also seek to be involved in many community organizations, such as manna food bank. always, a good thing.

biscuit head seems like they’ve got their mission and vision, and are working hard to live up to it. so far, so good, in my opinion after one visit. oh yes, that is me implying that i will be back. perhaps for a brunch one day? they also have mimosas, which i loooove. shocking, huh?


i didn’t have any major interaction with anyone while i was there. to be honest, i didn’t have much time. but, i did notice that there were not many people enjoying the place by themselves… most people came as a group, which i think is fantastic. it seemed like a great space for gathering and enjoying a lazy, slow, yummy breakfast/brunch together.

i finished my giant bacon biscuit and took my coffee with me, since it was in my mug. i walked back through the cafe to exit out the back again. i thought that perhaps i might enjoy the back outdoor seating area while i finished my coffee. there were only 2 women left, chatting and laughing with each other. i snapped some shots of this incredibly cozy and very earthy/organic- looking deck/porch, and then i sat down at a table.







the air was warm, but the breeze was cool. definitely an early fall day – though i am sure that some indian summer days are still left to enjoy. it was peaceful. quiet. and a perfect way to begin my day. and, if you decide to visit biscuit head some day, come early… they close at 2:00!


namaste. /liz

biscuit head . 733 haywood road . asheville, nc . 28806 . www.biscuitheads.com

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