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day 4: on a mission.

i was on my way to the grocery store when i got a call from my brother. when he heard that i was going to brave the crowds at the market, he asked if i might take a peek at some fresh, organic, whole chickens or turkeys for him. you see, he is not gonna be at the beach celebrating thanksgiving with my parents, lina, & me this year. he needs to stay home. but, he’s cooking some yummy thanksgiving stuff anyway.

i poked around, sifting through all of the frozen turkeys and such, only to find the perfect whole fresh, organic chicken. so, i called and let him know that i found exactly what he wanted. he asked if i could pick it up for him on my way out. of course, i could!

when i put the chicken in my buggy and turned around, i noticed the extensive beer and wine area standing right in front of me. hmm… perhaps i’ll get him a six pack of one of his favorite local beers, i thought to myself. and then i giggled a little. apparently i do that a lot when i am excited. hee hee. i grabbed the local brew, shiva, and put it in my buggy along with the chicken. and then… since i was going to see him later on to deliver these things when we ate dinner together, i decided i’d do something else. pumpkin cheesecake!!


perfect! i’d make a surprise pumpkin cheesecake for his thanksgiving dinner since he won’t be with us. i was about to burst with excitement right there in the middle of the store. the scene could not have been any better. there were people every-freaking-where, buying their thanksgiving goodies and ingredients, christmas music was playing through the speakers, and i was on a mission. giggling the whole way.


i googled the ingredients for my pumpkin cheesecake on my phone and started the hunt – pumpkin cheesecake is my specially. i love making it and try to do it every year – well, i didn’t make it the past three years when in sweden, hence the need to google the ingredients. so, on top of the surprise factor for my brother, i was excited to have a chance to make it again. i ran from aisle to aisle, grabbing this and that, humming along to the christmas music, so excited to get home and start baking.

and i did just that!




when it was time to head out for dinner, i grabbed the fresh-baked pumpkin cheesecake and we drove to my brother’s place. when i gave him the chicken, i then pulled out the beer, which was a major hit. and then, the finale… the dessert. i think he was excited. no, i know he was. and it was amazing to see him get excited about that, knowing that he’d have that to munch on for the thanksgiving break.


then, lina, nick, and i went out to dinner at one of our favorite spots to celebrate our own little thanksgiving together after the little dessert surprise. it was cozy and wonderful. and, while i will be missing my bro when the rest of us sit down to eat on thursday, at least i know that he knows that he’s missed. and, even better, we celebrated thanksgiving together – just the way that we wanted it to be. thinking of you, little bro. love you.


now, time to make pumpkin cheesecake number two!


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Liz is a blogger, writer, and amateur photographer in Asheville, NC. She is a returning expat, re-adjusting to American life after living in Sweden for the past three years. On any given day you can find her planning her next adventure with her wife, blogging away on her blog (www.belovelive.com) about daily life and social issues, and discovering little hidden gems and secret places in the city. She faithfully totes her camera and her coffee mug everywhere she goes. And she’s always up for a conversation about spirituality, politics, or other taboo topics. You can find her on the web at www.belovelive.com.

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