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Day 9: Coffee and a pug?!

it was bound to happen at some point. daily fika overload. not that i’ve had too much coffee, by any means. i’m not even sure that that’s possible. but, the daily finding a new place and experiencing something new is actually exhausting . the impressions, the feelings, the leaving my comfort zones are all good, but it requires a lot of attention and action. so, today, this self-proclaimed introvert had the desire to just go to a comfortable, familiar place. and just be.


BUT, i stuck it out. i drove up merrimon avenue in north asheville, and parked my car at edna’s of asheville. i totally was not feeling it, though. nothing against the cafe, it was all me. the decision of where to go had been annoying – i have my list of 40 places, but i don’t have them planned out so that i can be spontaneous and go with the flow every day. the problem was, i had no idea where i wanted to go. didn’t feel any inspiration about it. and had a limited amount of time. it was soooo tempting to go to my safe place. but, i managed to make the choice to stick to my plan, to stay disciplined, and to not give up.

was it worth it? oh, yes.


edna’s of asheville is, as i said,in north asheville. so it is a stand-alone building with a parking lot around it. actually, merrimon avenue is in front, and parking lots/the entrance to a strip mall-ish type place is on all the other three sides. so, there is edna’s, all alone. my first impression was that it was a remodeled diner/fast food restaurant. i was just going on the shape of the building & the fact that there was a drive-thru window, which i noticed when i left, they still use. cool!


i passed by the outdoor seating, which was quite large and headed inside to find a nicely designed cafe. of course it was filled with organic, fair trade, and local coffees and snacks/food. the coffee is roasted in-house and the pastries are freshly baked, so that’s even better.what was good about this place so far, was that it was not a chain – as it is for most of the cafes i am visiting. it was a unique space, with it’s own niche, or so to speak.


edna’s is not named after the owner, but after a dog. a pug, to be exact. edna is the owner’s pug, who has been known to take quite a few licks of her owner’s coffees. so, when it came time to name the cafe, edna just seemed to fit. apparently edna the pug makes appearances every now and then. but, don’t worry, you will see plenty of pug faces, pug art, and pug stuffed animals when you are there. the good thing is, it’s cute and not overbearing. in act, i suppose you could come in and never really make the edna the pug connection. but, it’s a sweet little theme when you realize it.


i ordered my regular coffee, tapped it off with milk, and went searching for a place to sit down, hoping that my mood would change. you’ll be happy to know it did. and you know why? two words: sofa and fireplace. that’s right, folks, in this industrial-styled space, with tons of tables and chair for eating, conversing, and working, there was also, on the far wall, a fireplace and two leather chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table. heaven! a sitting area! and better yet, no one was sitting there. so i plopped myself down, pulled out my journal, made a few notes and then sat quietly, just reading. it was exactly what i needed.



it was clear that this place was a popular college student hang out, as it is very close to UNCA. it’s warm tones and hip, urbanish atmosphere creates a perfect work space or space for intimate conversations. you know that you are welcome to come in and sit for a while at edna’s. in addition to the amazing (i love it!) sitting area, they have a rack with magazines, shelves with board games and cards, and even a place to swap books.





so, thanks to edna’s, i worked my way out of this funk and feel rejuvenated. but, you know, that’s all part of the cycle of everyday life. we can’t be excited and pumped up all the time. it’s good that we embrace those amazing days and enjoy them as they come; but it is also good for us to allow ourselves to simply feel and be how we are. and then, to remember that we have a choice. we can always choose how we want to respond to any situation. it’s natural to feel exhausted or uninspired, but the question is, what are who (and how) are we going to be in those moments?


let’s grab a cup of coffee & ponder these things together…


* just incase you are wondering, namaste is a greeting that means “the light within me honors the light within you.”

edna’s of asheville . 870 merrimon avenue . asheville, nc . 28804 . www.ednasofasheville.com

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