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Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates Studio

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At Clasique, it is our aim to inspire you toward greater awareness in your physical and emotional wellbeing that carries over beyond the brief sessions we spend with you each week.

We aim to inspire you to practice your Pilates outside of the studio, to think of your posture and use your core abdominal strength during your daily activities, to take your recommended Chinese Herbal remedies, practice breathing techniques or qi gong exercises to keep stress low and qi full and flowing, and of course to make conscious decisions when it comes to eating welland managing tension in your everyday life. In the various sections of the Philosophy heading you will find ideas and inspiration. Check back often, as content rotates with the seasons!

Clasique offers the unique combination of acupuncture and Pilates in one studio, and although they thrive independently, they are quite aligned in what they offer. Acupuncture & Pilates, like peas and carrots, sit nicely side by side. They compliment each other.

Both Chinese Medicine and Classical Pilates are art forms with strong roots and clear principles, practiced with integrity and unity of the mind, body, and spirit. Their foundations are similar, but the true overlap of these art forms lies in their mission. Both acupuncture and Pilates aim to help individuals experience freedom of movement in their lives and guide people toward finding strength at the core of their being. Movement & strength at one’s core result in a feeling of knowing yourself, nourishing yourself, getting out of your own way, and excelling in your authenticity.

Let’s dive in to better understand the movement and strength involved of each of these methods. Whether you have done Pilates or just gazed longingly at that awesome, archaic equipment, you understand that Pilates is exercise and core abdominal strength is the focus of the workout. Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates method of exercise, understood that the body repairs and strengthens itself through movement. Pilates movements are thoughtful, precise, fluid, and performed with a conscious mind. Clients often finish their session or group class and exclaim, “I feel so good, I feel tall, flexible, strong, better, invigorated, restored, and ready to go.” Pilates movements stem from the core muscles, the root of our strength, ability, and flexibility, which are referred to in Pilates as the “powerhouse.” Of course, it is not just a metaphor that by feeling strong in our core muscles we feel strong at the core of who we are. The deep work of Pilates translates into daily life as improved posture and esteem, and less pain through better alignment and body mechanics. Simply put, Pilates provides a powerful foundation for people to excel in every other aspect of life… I can say with conviction, that whatever it is you love to do, you will do it better, easier, more powerfully and more gracefully with a regular Pilates practice as your foundation.

Chinese Medicine, although far more ancient than Pilates, is also steeped in tradition and practiced with integrity. It unifies the body with the mind and spirit and intends to help the individual feel well, balanced, and authentic in his or her life. For thousands of years, Chinese Medicine has been used to both treat and prevent disease, or imbalance. The use of fine needles during an acupuncture treatment calls the person’s “qi,” or energy, into action. Smooth, free-flowing qi is essential to wellness physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Chances are you have felt some degree of “stuckness” over the course of your life… resistance, pain, stubbornness, inability to let go of something… and then felt the wonderful release of this resistance when “things” (your qi) started flowing again. Maybe you have never called it “qi” before, but you identify with this feeling of free and easy energy movement as a sensation of being on the right path, feeling grounded and liberated at the same time. Chinese Medicine is also about finding an inner strength, of being tonified, or “filled up.” An acupuncture treatment, herbal formulas and devoting time to self-care by participating in a treatment are all deeply nourishing. So much of the theory of Chinese Medicine is expressed through Daoist philosophy. To find our “Dao” is to find our “way,” to be on our true path. To be nourished and strong on our way is to have roots and walk our path without great resistance. You know the feeling… it’s the little ‘pep’ in your step.

Through acupuncture we access our own qi and return to a place of harmony and balance in the moment. It feels as if we fall back into our stride, and we find our way once again. When practiced with mindfulness, Pilates integrates into daily life and allows us to excel in every other aspect of our lives with a sensation of fluid movement and deep, core, essential strength.

Perhaps you connect with these methods, acupuncture & Pilates, independently. You are nodding with me as you identify with the post-Pilates workout feeling of moving through your day more empowered, grounded, lifted, and capable. Ahh… I feel so good. Or maybe you identify best with the combined ‘buzz’ and ‘bliss’ sensation that comes with a restful and meaningful acupuncture treatment. The acupuncture treatment that leaves you feeling like you have worked on or let go of something, taken a breath in the moment, and reconnected with your path for this moment. Ahh… knowing sigh.

Acupuncture and Pilates sit nicely side by side
. Not to say they need to be practiced in conjunction, that might be dangerous. Nor to say that you should do both, you should not be “should-ed.” Simply to say that these are both very rich methods of care focused on helping you feel like your best self, your true self, your free-flowing most authentic self.

‘Drumsound rises on the air, its throb, my heart.
A voice inside the beat says, “I know you are tired, but come, this is the way.”
– Rumi

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