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Dr. Alice A. Hardin – Chiropractor

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  • 23 Orange Street, Asheville, NC 28801, USA
  • (828) 505-3905
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I would like to share my story with you, and shed some light on my background which led to my love and dedication for my practice today.

Early Years

I was born in Rome, GA, grew up in Fayetteville and attended North Georgia College in Dahlonega, GA.  At that time I majored in Craft Marketing as an Art major with a Business minor.  Watercolor is my favorite medium, and I enjoy drawing and all types of painting.  I had to opportunity to work in Marketing for over three years with the Asheville Folk Art Center.  Having discovered a love for black and white photography, I received additional training at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, majoring in Fine Arts photography with a minor in Art History.

Foundations of Body Work

While attending UNCA, I took a massage therapy course where I received basic massage therapy
instruction.  This was a life-changing course for me!  I discovered I had a connection with the human body that was a feeling of purpose.  When I first worked on a person’s upper back I knew I was meant to do this work.

I continued on to massage school at night and weekends while attending college classes in the daytime and juggling several part time jobs.  I became certified as a massage therapist in 1991 from the Manual Therapy Institute, and became Nationally certified in  Massage Therapy and Bodywork in 1994.  I also finished my BFA degree in 1994 with a fifty-piece, black and white photography art show in the Owen Gallery at UNCA.  Yes, I was managing quite a full schedule!

Massage therapy became my single occupation, working for myself with private clients in addition to being employed as a therapist for the Grove Park Inn and Country Club.  After 11 years with the Grove Park Inn, I left to pursue my career in Chiropractic. Though I still love doing massage therapy (which now spans 20 plus years), my story now brings me to that magical day when I felt the call to Chiropractic.

The Call to Chiropractic

I was busy working my shifts at GPI and seeing private clients for massage therapy.  I had received Chiropractic care for a number of years and already believed in it and how it works, but more schooling was the farthest thing from my mind.  I was working on a client one day and began to feel misalignments in the spine. It was like seeing into the body at another level.  This continued with many clients and I would recommend that they see a chiropractor to get their alignment corrected for optimal health.

One day I was riding around Asheville running errands while listing to a Wayne Dyer tape.  He is one of my favorite metaphysical teachers.  On the tape Dr. Dyer said, “If you have no fear of accomplishing anything you want, what would you do?” I remember saying out loud in my car, “I would be a Chiropractor!”  This was the closest feeling of a calling to a profession that I have ever experienced.  I pulled the car over in amazement, thinking, “I have to do this or I will always wonder what if…”

Yes, I started back to school as soon as I researched what prerequisite courses were needed.  Having
been a double art major, you can imagine this took a while!  I went to AB-Tech for three years at night studying Chemistry and Physics and even statistics.  Meanwhile, I toured several Chiropractic schools to get a feel for where I wanted to go.  Sherman College became my choice, it was just an hour away from Asheville, so I could keep some massage therapy work going. It’s also a small school and I knew I would get individual attention, which I would need for some of the science courses.   I started attending Sherman in 1999 and finished in June of 2003.

Following graduation and passing all of the National Board exams, I worked as an associate doctor in Asheville, NC.  I increased my knowledge of extremity adjusting and kinesiology, gaining more techniques for my toolbox.  I also worked as a vacation coverage doctor, when other Chiropractors needed time off for further study or travel.

I learned more about energy work, and visualizing the segment that I am adjusting which increased my accuracy.  I later worked for about a year in Hendersonville, where I deepened my knowledge of geriatric adjusting, and then started my own practice while working at a chiropractic office in Asheville for four years.  I learned about people here.  While working my own practice, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge with S.O.T. work, Sacral Occipital Technique.

I have just recently moved my practice location to my own office in Central Asheville, 23A Orange Street.  I am applying what I’ve learned every day.  I do what I love and love what I do!

Dr. Alice A. Hardin

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January 5, 2017

Dr Hardin has big man hands and will hurt you! Do not go to her. She gave me 11 tears in the durasheath along my spine. I ended up at Duke medical where Dr. Linda Gray did an amazing job of fixing my spine and giving me my life back. Dr.hardin almost killed me.i repeat, DO NOT let her touch yoy!!

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