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A fast food Valentines Day

Fast Food Valentine’s Day Meals

Admit it – Valentines Day is overrated. If you are like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, maybe you believe Valentines Day was once a long forgotten holiday called Desperation Day. Perhaps are you like some of my friends who believe that Valentines Day is essentially a corporate holiday of greed that companies like Hallmark use to boost sales during slow winter months. Whatever the reason, you are not a fan of this ‘lovers holiday’. Why waste all that time planning and agonizing over the perfect gift and making reservations at a fancy restaurants that require both shirts and shoes for service?

Well friend, I’ve got some news for you. There are a few places out there that can help you celebrate Valentines Day with your significant other, without exerting too much effort. The sentiment will be the same, without all that pesky work, and a lot less expense, which means you can delegate the savings to that AFTER holiday sale when all the candy is 50% off. More savings = more chocolate.

1. Chick-fil-a Candlelite Dinners – A few years ago the Chick-fil-a in the Biltmore Square Mall offered a romantic evening, mood lighting included. For a price of $20 you got two sides, two entrees, and two deserts to enjoy. I’m unsure if any Asheville locations are participating this year, but you can head on over to the website and find the Chick-fil-a closest to you to find out more.

hashbrowns2. Waffle House Valentines Day Special Dinner – this is happening in Waynesville and Mars Hill Waffle House locations this year. What does that mean? You and your significant other can be wined and dined at everyone’s favorite 24 hour breakfast joint. Waffle House pulls out all the stops – white table cloths, candle light, romantic music, a special menu, and your hash browns in a heart shape.

3. Papa Murphy’s  Heartbaker – for those that want a romantic evening in, but don’t want to order out. A made to order (but not cooked) pepperoni pizza in shape of a heart. Pick it up at the  Papa Murphy’s South Asheville location, drive it home and pop that heart in the oven. Done in 20 minutes and your honey couldn’t be happier. It’s a heart, it’s a pizza, and it’s almost like you made it yourself…. almost. *

4. Bo-Berry Biscuits at Bojangles – Valentines Day is an all day affair so you better have some breakfast plans. Want something cheap that you can get on the go? Bojangles is bringing back their heart shaped Bo-Berry Biscuits for a limited time. The best part? These delicious heart shaped breakfast biscuits will only set you back .$99 for 2.

get_image.cgi_PRN-KRISPY-KREME-DOUGHNUT-CORPORATION-VALENTINES-yh_original5. You can’t go wrong with doughnuts – both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts are offering some deliciousness in doughnut form. Dunkin’ Donuts offers traditional heart shaped delights while Krispy Kreme has gotten a little more creative this year. You can purchase a dozen doughnuts in heart shapes, hugs, and kisses XOXOX. Who doesn’t love a box full of edible hugs? Better yet when you buy a dozen doughnuts you get a dozen FREE Valentines Day cards redeemable for any kind of Krispy Kreme delight of your choice. Buy a dozen, get a dozen.

6. Step it up a notch. It’s a ‘thing’ to romantically propose to your sweetie on February 14th, or even get married. Dairy Queen is helping couples out with an ultimate contest – submit your information for the chance to be chosen to get married inside of their favorite Dairy Queen location. Hurray! You must provide your own officiant, and there is no alcohol permitted, but Dairy Queen will give you a free red velvet ice cream cake. Isn’t that incentive enough?

* I thought it was worth mentioning that if you didn’t want to bake the pizza yourself, Papa John’s (not to be confused with Papa Murphy’s) also has a heart shaped pizza that they will deliver freshly baked right to your doorstep.

So get out there you cheapskate and get that Valentine’s dinner your date has always dreamed of. Just be glad that none of the area McDonald’s offer this:


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  1. debbiebcox@gmail.com'

    Just now reading this blog. Huddle House also offered candlelight dinner specials for Valentine’s Day. It was complete with a rose for the lady, and white linen table cloths. I requested to go there and was not disappointed. I have no idea what we did last year, but I am sure I will not forget this year at Huddle House.

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