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Firearm Safety Tips in your Home

The law allows people to get firearms for their personal protection and to secure their property. If you end up getting one of these, then you need to learn how to handle the firearm safely. Firearms are dangerous and they can injure you and those close to you if they are not handled properly. This article shares some tips on how to handle a firearm safely in your home.

Proper storage

You need to store your firearm safely when it is not in use. This will prevent the firearm from getting into untrained hands such as your kids and those who don’t have the necessary training on how to handle firearms properly. Here are some of the small gun safes in US that you can get to ensure that your firearm is safely locked away from unauthorized users.  

Unload the firearm when it’s not in use

You should also unload your firearm when it is not in use. A loaded firearm is dangerous as it could discharge accidentally and injure people in the room. It is for this reason why you need to make sure that your firearm is unloaded when it is not being used. An unloaded firearm will not harm anyone even when it gets into the wrong hands. After unloading it, store the ammunition separate from the firearm. This is an extra security measure that reduces the chances of an untrained person getting hold of the firearm and the ammunition and firing the gun.

Educate your family on gun safety

You also need to educate the members of your family on firearm safety. Let them know that guns are dangerous and that untrained people should stay away from them. Educate the children to always call an adult when they come across a firearm in the house or out in the compound. Teach the kids to believe that all firearms are loaded and as such, they should not touch and play with any firearm that they come across in the house or even when they visit the neighbors.

Keep your finger off the trigger if you don’t intend to fire the gun

When holding a gun and you don’t intend to fire it, keep your finger away from the trigger. Rest it on the side of the gun or outside the trigger guard so as not to fire the gun accidentally. The sensitive nature of the trigger means that the slightest pressure may actually fire the gun and this can cause fatal injuries to yourself and/or others.

Understand how your gun operates

Read the user manual of your firearm to know how to operate it properly. Firearms have different modes of operation and the first thing you need to do after acquiring one is to read the manual to know how to operate it properly. Understand how to open and close the firearm’s action safely. Learn how to remove ammunition from the gun and its magazine safely. When you don’t do this, you may end operating the firearm poorly and this may result in firearm injuries to yourself and others in your home.