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frostbite ice cream
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Frostbite Ice Cream Comes to Patton Avenue

Friends Jason Istvan and Caleb Autrey have a few things in common: they love Asheville, and they love ice cream. After two years of planning, they are thrilled to be opening their joint venture, Frostbite Ice Cream in Asheville in October. Located on Patton Avenue in the parking lot of Sky Lanes bowling alley, FrostBite Ice Cream will be 1,000 sq feet of soft serve paradise. Using local ingredients to create unique flavors, Frostbite plans to offer 12 different types of soft serve ice cream and 40 fun toppings.

frostbite ice cream“My first job was at a locally owned ice cream parlor in Virginia,” co-owner Caleb explains. “I like being in a job where you can please customers. Ice cream makes everyone happy.” Frostbite is focusing on the freshness and quality of their ice cream. Unlike traditional soft serve that is deceivingly light and airy, Frostbite will offer a rich, dense array of flavors that will vary on a daily basis. The ice cream is guaranteed fresh – in fact, the ingredients are freezing as the product is being made, so the ice cream is only 15 seconds old by the time it is served to each customer.

Frostbite plans to have a family friendly environment, and wants to host child friendly activities, live music, and community events such as blood drives. Want your ice cream on the go? There will be drive through service available. In addition to frozen treats, Frostbite will help keep off the chill during your morning commute. The business will be open around breakfast time, serving a custom Dynamite coffee blend alongside an array of pastries.

Frostbite is slated to open in mid or late October, so Caleb and Jason are taking advantage of the autumn weather to serve fall themed flavors such as pumpkin and apple spice. They are outfitting the former Papa Johns building on Patton Avenue and lovingly remodeling every square inch to fulfill the vision they have for their business. “We are so encouraged by the local support we’ve received so far,” the friends say. “We can’t wait to open.”

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