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Gay & Lesbian

Asheville North Carolina has been called many things, from the Paris of The South to a ‘Little San Francisco’, referencing its welcoming and open minded acceptance of individuals from all walks of life. There is a myriad of LGBT friendly resources for citizens and visitors to enjoy – from LGBT real estate; to hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts; to bars and clubs. There are also support groups and clubs for those in the community who are looking to benefit from a group of like minded individuals. Come as you are to Asheville – we will be waiting for you! Browse below for a short list of gay and lesbian resources and information.

Clubs & Dance Bars

2013_ScandalsNightclub_LogoThe most popular is Scandals, located at 11 Grove Street downtown, near Patton Ave. Scandals is outfitted with three dance floors and is also home to a popular local venue called The Boiler Room, and Club 11. Scandals is strictly a gay club.


club-hairsprayIf you are looking for a mixed variety, Club Hairspray caters to lesbians and gays. Located at 38 French Broad Avenue, this strange eclectic night bar has unique decor mimicking the original movie ‘Hairspray’. The club is open Monday – Saturday, and features Karakoe, DJ’s, bands, drag, and variety shows.


image_crop_800x449.45454545455O. Henry’s, located at 237 Haywood Street is reported to be the longest running gay bar in the state of North Carolina. Celebrating over 35 years of entertainment, this place offers friendly service and a cool vibe. There is an industrial bar in the back that has been dubbed ‘The Underground’. O.Henry’s plays host to a variety of entertainment including Dance Your Ass Off parties.

lSmokey’s Tavern, also known as Smokey’s After Dark on 18 Broadway Street is a small downtown location. Complete with some pool tables and a friendly staff, it is a lower key type of scene, good for those that aren’t into into dancing.



Local Organizations

Blue Ridge Pride, also known as BLURP hosts a pride festival in Asheville once a year. Join them in Pack Square on October 5th 2013 for their annual Pride 365 festival, which includes 120 vendors. Visit the BLURP website for more information -> CLICK HERE

Equality NC  is dedicated to securing equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) North Carolinians. To accomplish these goals they tirelessly lobby the North Carolina General Assembly, executive branch, and local governments, broadcast LGBT news, stories and content, and mobilize our communities on issues that matter most to you, including marriage equality, parental rights, inclusive anti-bullying policies, employment discrimination, hate violence, privacy rights, sexuality education, adoption, domestic partnerships, and HIV/AIDS. Check out the Equality NC website -> CLICK HERE

Y.E.S stands for Your Equality Speaks and is a campaign by Blue Ridge Pride for local businesses or organizations in Asheville and Western North Carolina to proudly proclaim they are LGBT welcoming. You can learn more about Y.E.S and join the movement – CLICK HERE

The Campaign for Southern Equality is responsible for the We Do movement, which  involves LGBT couples requesting marriage licenses in their hometowns across the South to call for full equality under federal law.

Youth Outright is a support group for LGBT kids here in Asheville. They are a youth advocacy and leadership organization dedicated to providing affirmation, information, support and resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth of ages 14-23 in 18 counties in Western North Carolina.  Youth Outright wants LGBTQ youth to be self confident, compassionate about their neighbors, and to instill in them a passion for stewardship in their community and the world.

For more gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, and bisexual resources we recommend checking out the GayAshevilleNC website


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    Hello. I live in Wisconsin and believe I should live in Asheville. I am prepping to sell my house, live alone, age 61 on Social Security, Catholic Christian transgender mtf, single, hoping for friendship in Asheville, hoping for leads from you all for a good realtor out there. I hope to buy but will apply for low income, subsidized housing as necessary. Want to near public transit ART route. Can’t drive right now due to epilepsy. Pray for me (and everyone) and help me make connections. Thanks and God’s blessings to you.

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    February 4
    Financial Planning for Gay & Lesbian Couples

    Encompass Advisors will host a free workshop on financial planning for Gay and Lesbian couples on February 4 from 3 pm – 5 pm at the Unitarian Universalists Church in Brevard. This two-hour workshop will explore the legal, tax, retirement and insurance issues that must be addressed and resolved in financial planning for the well being of individuals and couples who are members of the LGBT community. Particular attention will be given to potential problems facing those living in North Carolina. Some of the topics include: The implications of recent Federal & State Court Decisions, Healthcare & Medicare, Purchasing & Titling Real Property, Designating Beneficiaries, Wills, Trusts & Transfers On Death (TOD), End-of-Life Planning & Health Care Directives, Maximizing Social Security benefits, Pension Plans & Spousal IRA’s, Federal & State Income Tax Deductions, Exemptions, and Life, Health & Disability Insurance. RSVP for this free workshop by calling Kristine at Encompass Advisors at 828.884.8840. The UU Church is located at 24 Varsity Street in Brevard, NC.

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