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Get Your Staff Out Of Their IT Comfort Zone

Businesses like yours always struggle to leave their comfort zone. If you have operated in the same way for years, why risk changing now.


Yet risks are where growth happens. In IT, advances are constantly being made which you need to keep up with. It is not just that your business needs to expand its IT infrastructure, but all your staff need training and encouragement to embrace and leverage the latest tech.


Training your staff in various facets of IT and taking them beyond their comfort zone can make your business safer and more efficient. Some people find it hard to adapt whilst others, particularly the older generations, find technology somewhat daunting.


But in the digital age, computer knowledge is a critical necessity, not just for productivity and profit, but for the protection of data and your business continuity,




Cyber-attacks are an everyday occurrence. Moreover, malicious actors have multiple ways of targeting and infiltrating businesses of all sizes.


 In 2019, the BBC reported that 60% of British businesses reported a cyber attack with many reporting multiple cyber attacks. If you and your staff don’t adapt to this ever-changing threat, the existence of your business is at risk. 


Bringing your staff up to speed with the latest in cyber-security can eliminate a huge amount of the risk from cyber-attacks. It is estimated that 95% of cyber attacks are caused by human error.


A lot of the changes that can be made are extremely simple but they can feel like a big step for your staff. These include having more complex passwords that are different for every platform, and showing confidence in recognising interlopers on company property. Such people are rare but they may be attempting to stage a cyber-attack.


Much more significant changes need to be made to match the technological advances of cybercriminals. The most significant advance is the use of AI and machine learning to make more devastating cyber-attacks.


Cybercriminals can use AI to predict human behaviour and make attacks with very little involvement from the cybercriminal.


Luckily, you can also use AI technology as a form of defence rather than attack. 70% of businesses are estimated to have made use of AI defence technology by the end of 2021.


Using this technology levels the playing field with cybercriminals as it can predict their behaviour to respond to threats at a blistering pace.


You will most likely have to hire AI professionals to make the necessary changes, but as cybercriminals gain an even better grip on AI technology, this is not a field you can afford to ignore.


Microsoft 365


You have probably heard of Microsoft 365 already. It is one of the world’s leading file sharing and cloud computing solutions, allowing you to work collaboratively on Microsoft apps with your whole team.


But you might also have taken one look at it, and decided it was too complicated. If you have for years successfully emailed crucial files around, or even used paper copies, you might think why change?


The simple fact is that this is an inefficient and antiquated practise that cannot facilitate collaboration. Microsoft 365 allows you to observe your team’s work and make comments in real-time, making your team more productive, creative, and versatile.