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Hoppy New Beers

“99 pints of beer at the bar
99 pints of beer
You order one up,
You drink it down
98 pints of beer at the bar”

Recently (like yesterday recent) someone said that I take so many photos of beer that it seems like I may be having a love affair with beer. Get jealous or get worried but I think that’s a pretty accurate assessment.

Consequently, My new song (see above) and new resolution for the new year is quite simple  but lengthy. As many of your know, I’m a huge fan of IPAs. This year, I’m venturing out. In a big way. I plan on exploring all the wonderfulness of craft beers. I will be going to local bars/breweries/watering holes and drinking as many local pints as I can (not at one time, I HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES!).

My criterion is pretty easy – a photo for each pint, 99 pints, as much local as possible and I will drink them all at the bar (patio and tables don’t count for reasons I am not quite sure of, even though I’m making the rules). I will not double up on any one beer even if it means I have to extend local to mean areas outside of these Western North Carolina Mountains.

So, let’s drink in 2014. Join me on my journey, read my entries here on AshevilleBlog and follow me on untapped (username: Sweetish). Maybe suggest your favorite local beer, maybe meet me at the bar and buy me a drink.

You know, the more I think about this the more I know — This is bound to be the best year yet.

About Carmen Ybarra

Carmen Ybarra lives in Asheville. She strings together words, takes photos, and drinks beer. More of her her photos and words can be found here: www.CarmenYbarra.com. More of her imbibing can be found here: untappd.com/user/sweetish


  1. szs.webaddr@gmail.com'

    My problem is, I’m in Boston, and the Thirsty Monk is in Asheville! D’oh!

  2. Kt_smith21@yahoo.com'

    I just found this article and was wondering if you’ve been to the new brewery Twin Leaf? I bar tend there and am a big IPA fan and I must brag we do have some awesome IPAs. Hope your journey goes well! (I’m jealous!)

    • I have NOT yet been to Twin Leaf but def will be going very soon. I’ll be checking out the IPAs of course, of course! I’ll ask for you Katie, perhaps you can help me choose which to select!

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