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How to Calm Down a Dog: Must-Know Tips for Pet Owners

Our furry friends mean a lot to us and seem as though they are happy at all times.

However, they often go through the same things that we do, such as stress. Dogs also get filled with excitement when their owner returns, plays with them, and gives them a treat.

While we love seeing our dogs happy, sometimes their happiness results in hyperactivity that is difficult to tame.

Read on to learn about how to calm down a dog!

How to Calm Down a Dog That is Hyperactive

Hyperactive dogs are hard to deal with because they give off a “wild” vibe. 

These are the dogs that are usually seen barking constantly, disobeying orders that they know (sit, no, let’s go outside), running around the house, and even pouncing on people in a playful manner.

There are a few ways to calm your dog. One helpful method for calming your dog is to ignore them.

Calming down a hyper dog requires patience. Hyperactive dogs, like children, want to play all the time. By ignoring them, they will eventually get the hit that you don’t want to play.

However, doing a physical activity like playing with them will also tire them out. You can also go for a walk or run if exercise is your sort of thing.

Keep in mind that you are more than likely to get your dog excited if you start displaying exciting behavior because they will want to join in. 

How to Keep A Stressed Dog Calm

4th of July is nearing. People are lighting fireworks all over, and your dog is helplessly barking and whining because of the noise. We’ve all been there.

Unfortunately, most people don’t consider animals when they are doing these antics, thus resulting in your furry friend getting stressed.

During a situation like this, it’s important to stay with your dog. Dogs form bonds with their humans, so having their person with them will assure them that they are okay.

When you’re near them, be sure to pet and caress them. The physical touch will make them feel better.

Doing things like playing music and talking to them will also help them to relax because their heart rate will begin to slow down.

Final Word

It’s important not to raise your voice at your animals. Like the noise from fireworks, your loud voice will also freak your pets out.

Yelling and running around like a mad man can scare your dog or confuse them into trying to play with you.

Dogs are not emotionless robots! They can sense when you are angry, and they can be easily frightened.

With this advice, you now know some methods on how to calm down a dog and should be well equipped for the next time that your dog feels stressed or energetic.

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