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How To Convert Your Yard Into An English Garden

Maybe you’re a fan of Downton Abbey or you feel a certain affinity for the English style of landscape gardening. Either way, you can actually transform your backyard into an English style garden.

You don’t have to be English nobility, you just need a little bit of outdoor space, some imagination and a few ideas to recreate a scene from an English manor house. Creating this space can allow you to have a serene setting where you enjoy reading, entertaining or simply relaxing.

In this article, I will give you some ideas on how to achieve the look you are going for.


1 – Add a water fixture


Having a water feature in your garden adds a lot of ambience and elegance. You have a lot of choice on the types of fountain to go for, but in many classic English gardens they will be wall mounted fountains. You can check out some of the possibilities at SoothingCompany.com.

One thing to keep in mind is that they shouldn’t look very modern. Many of the fountains that you see in English gardens are actually usually inspired by either Italian or French design, so something in that vein would go over very well.

Besides adding an elegant touch, these water fixtures will help keep your garden cool The sound of the running water will also add to the serenity as it is a very relaxing white noise.

2 – Shape


The shape of the garden is integral to the design. It works best if you have a square or rectangular shaped yard but can also work with an irregular border.

The main idea is to have symmetry. Use the center as a focal point by adding a statue in a small circle in the very center. Then add paths that radiate outward at regular intervals to the border of the yard.

Use topiary or short shrubs to frame the space along the paths and the border of the yard to add to the sense of space and harmony.


3 – Furnishings


It is not enough to have a beautiful garden. You also need to be able to stay out in it to enjoy it. This means that you should place some furnishings around the garden in strategic places.

For instance, if you have a fountain in the yard, then adding a wrought iron bench to sit on will allow you to take full advantage of the water feature.

Also, some other small benches or stools scattered around will give you and your guests spots to stop and contemplate near fixtures that you think are important in the design.


4 – Flowers


Find some flowers that do well in your growing zone. You may be tempted to use the same types of roses that you see in an English garden, for instance, but that might not grow well in your zone.

Pick some climbing ivy that flower and plant them with a trellis for support to add another dimension to the design.