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How to Get Proof of Employment: Your Complete Guide

With over 150 million people in the labor force, the United States is effectively a working nation.

Whether you work full-time, part-time, or freelance, there’s no doubt you understand the value of having a job. It gives you an opportunity to earn an income and pay your bills and enhances your chances of accessing certain services, such as credit and housing.

To secure these services, though, you’ll typically be required to provide proof of employment.

The question is: how do you provide this proof?

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Get a Letter of Employment Verification From Employer

The most common way to provide proof of employment is to get a letter from your employer. This is the go-to option for people in formal employment.

To get the letter, all you need to do is ask your supervisor/boss or head of human resources if you work at a large company. Your employer will certainly ask you why you need the letter as a matter of procedure.

The letter will not only acknowledge that you’re indeed an employee of the firm but also indicate your job status. This means if you’re on a contract, the letter will provide details such as the length of the contract. If necessary, use this resource:


Use Your Paystubs

If you’re in formal employment (W-2 employee), your employer certainly sends you a paystub for each pay period. This document shows the name of your employer and fleshes out your earnings and deductions.

As such, you can use it as proof of employment. However, in some instances, a paystub alone might not be sufficient. For example, a mortgage lender might ask you to also provide a letter of employment verification.

Now, what if you’re not a W-2 employee? Perhaps you’re a freelancer (hello, gig economy!) or you’re an independent contractor.

In this case, you can also make your own paystubs using a PayStubCreator. If you’re asked to provide a letter from an employer, you just need to say that you’re self-employed. Be prepared to provide your tax id number

Banks Statements and Tax Returns

As you already know, a paystub alone might not be sufficient proof of employment. It largely only proves you’ve got an income.

So what if you’re self-employed? In the place of a letter of employment verification, you can use your bank statements, profit and loss account, and tax returns.

If you’re a sole proprietor, for example, your business’ bank account statements can show that you’re in gainful self-employment. If you were applying for a loan, you’ll stand a good chance of approval, as long as your credit score is good.

Providing Proof of Employment Is Easy

In an ideal world, no one would care to verify that you’re employed. If you say you are, they should take your word for it, right? Unfortunately, this world is far from ideal, which means in some instances you’re going to be asked to provide proof of employment.

Regardless of your specific employment situation, you now know the documents you’ll need to provide.


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