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Interesting Things Every Guitarist Should Know

There are many things about guitars and playing a guitar that people don’t know about. They really should know, as this would change the way they approached at least some aspects of guitar music. These can range from important knowledge, to less important but still valuable pieces of trivia which can improve the process for everybody. Some people might suggest running down a checklist of things to learn, but other people swear by a small number of tips and tricks which have served them well over the years.

Playing Hurts at First

Playing the guitar will hurt, particularly if you’ve just started playing. As Trusty Guitar notes, our fingertips are quite soft naturally – this helps us with sensitivity, and with holding onto things. This has the unfortunate effect of making playing the guitar quite sore for inexperienced people, and also for some old hands who haven’t touched a guitar in quite a while.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take that long for hard protective pads to form over the fingertips, protecting them from pain. This makes playing the guitar much more enjoyable, as you can play for longer without feeling the strain or the pain.

Practice is Key

This is true for any instrument, but practise is essential for playing the guitar well. Not just practising here and there throughout the day, although that is good too. Sustained practise at set times is key for learning properly. All the elements of a good practise session should be present, including scales, finger exercises, and practising of pieces.

Practicing is the key to getting better, and the key to becoming the type of guitar player you and others would listen to.

Shop for Quality

It is probably a good idea to try and find higher quality instruments when you play. For just starting out, buying something which is fairly low quality is a good idea – especially if you don’t know if you’ll stick with it, or be particularly serious about it.

But if you are aiming to be serious, and want to go through the entire process of learning, then it is better to invest in quality. Not only will it last for longer (giving you better quality for your money), but it will also mean that the music sounds better. This is because more expensive instruments normally use higher quality materials, which then leads to better sound quality.

Don’t Give up

 Yes, playing anything can be frustrating, especially when you’ve just started out on your learning journey, but keep at it. You will see results soon enough, all you need to do is have patience. Playing can be very rewarding on a multiple of levels, and even the practicing itself is something that can be fun and enjoyable. Find a way of practicing and learning which works for you, and you will see results far more easily than if you leave it to some other form of practice which might work for your friends, but is useless otherwise.

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